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I remember as a kid camping in the bush during hot summer nights with a transistor radio and sometimes being able to pick up TV audio. Or driving over night through the country and hearing local stations play country instead of pop. And Saturdays at midday in the truck with dad listening to the Goons. Hear that? that’s the sound of…

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  1. Ghost in the machine: automation and future employment - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    For decades machines have gradually been replacing blue-collar jobs, but now algorithms and increasingly sophisticated machines have begun eating their way into decidedly white-collar territory.

    And as a result, economist Tyler Cowen now predicts the hollowing out of the middleclass. But is the picture really that gloomy? We explore the impact of technological change on the way we’ll work in future.

    Erik Brynjolfsson, Schussel Family Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management , Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review. Co-author of ‘The Second Machine Age’.
    Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Author of ‘Average is Over’.
    Cory Doctorow, Sci-fi author, blogger and digital rights activist. Co-editor of the Boing Boing blog.

    Title: The Second Machine Age
    Author: Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee
    Publisher: W.W. Norton

    Title: Average is over: Powering America Beyond The Age of The Great Stagnation
    Author: Tyler Cowen
    Publisher: Dutton (Penguin)

    Further Information:
    Erik Brynjolfsson’s webpage (
    Second Machine Age (
    Tyler Cowen’s webpage ( pages/Tyler/)
    Cory Doctorow’s website (
    2011 Future Tense program featuring Tyler Cowen (

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  2. Jeremy Keith | SSKTN

    Huffduffer is a great service for podcasters and it happens to be built by one guy – Jeremy Keith. Listeners of SSKTN will know that I, Chris Enns, am a big fan of Huffduffer so I wanted to have Jeremy on to chat about Huffduffer. We talked about where the idea came from, the nerdy origins of the name and ways to help your podcast look better when it gets Huffduff’d.

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  3. CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along? - The Big Web Show

    CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    with Nicole Sullivan

    Running CSS Conf, building scalable systems that won’t break, designing for speed and performance, learning Ruby, Object Oriented CSS, a CSS Style Guide, Type-o-matic, practical takeaways from stunt CSS, pairing as a work method, sexism and racism tests, and setting aside biases when selecting conference sessions.

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  4. Untangling the Web: Ideologies of the Technologies

    How has the most revolutionary innovation of our time - the Internet - transformed our world? What does it mean for the modern family? How has it changed our concepts of privacy? Of celebrity? Of love, sex and hate?

    In this excerpt from Untangling the Web: What the Internet is Doing to You, author Dr Aleks Krotoski raises a thought provoking question: do we rule the technology, or is it ruling us?.

    "Aleks Krotoski is a rare combination of academic (she has a PhD in psychology), geek, reporter and fluent essayist." - The Guardian

    "Her combination of cautious academic rigour and geek-like enthusiasm makes a very valuable contribution to the debate" - Financial Times

    More on this topic at, the reporter’s notebook for the Guardian and Observer column and the book.

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  5. John McMillian on ‘Beatles vs. Stones’: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

    Once upon a time, two British rock ‘n’ roll bands dominated the music scene: the boy-next-door Beatles and the born-to-be-wild Rolling Stones. Journalist Tom Wolfe wrote, ‘The Beatles want to hold your hand, but the Stones want to burn down your town.’ In his new book, ‘Beatles vs. Stones,’ John McMillian explores the myths behind their rivalry and offers revealing behind-the-scenes stories about the two groups.

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  6. Charles Dickens & A Christmas Carol with Neil Gaiman and Molly Oldfield | The New York Public Library

    December 15, 2013

    An afternoon of Victorian entertainment! Molly Oldfield, consummate researcher and author of The Secret Museum, shares her love of unique items and interesting objects found at museums and libraries world wide, most notably The New York Public Library’s collection of Dickens material in the Berg Collection of English and American Literature. She will be joined by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, who will present a memorable reading of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Gaiman will read the classic tale as the great author intended, following edits and prompts Dickens wrote in his own hand for his unique readings 150 years ago.

    Neil Gaiman has written many books and won many awards for them. He won the Audie Award for Book of the Year for his reading of The Graveyard Book. He used to read A Christmas Carol to his children, but only at Christmas. 

    Molly Oldfield is a writer and researcher for the landmark BBC 1 program QI (Quite Interesting), presented by Stephen Fry, and broadcast in the U.S. by National Geographic. She writes a weekly column for The Telegraph in the UK and also researches for BBC’s Radio 4 program, The Museum of Curiosity. She spent two years touring the world in search of the most extraordinary inventions, legacies and artefacts hidden from the public and the best of what she found – 60 unseen artefacts whose stories touch all five continents – are in The Secret Museum (Firefly Books, 2013).  Recommended for all ages. 

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  7. The Non-Breaking Space Show: Jeremy Keith

    The Non-Breaking Space Show is a podcast by Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFarland, Chris Enns interviewing the best and brightest of the web.

    Our talk with Jeremy runs the gamut of the web – progressive enhancement, depending on a database, sirens, the death of web services, the telegraph, transcriptions, CERN and preparing for a great talk.

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  8. Richard Thompson (B side) Rumor and Sigh

    John Wilson interviews leading musicians about the creation of an album they feel is one of their most significant of their career.

    In Mastertapes (B side) John Wilson talks to Richard Thompson about his 1991 solo album, "Rumor And Sigh" with the audience asking the questions.

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  9. Richard Thompson (A side) Rumor and Sigh

    John Wilson interviews leading musicians about the creation of an album they feel is one of their most significant of their career.

    John Wilson talks to songwriters and musicians about career defining albums. This week in Mastertapes (A Side) he talks to Richard Thompson about the making of his 1991 album, ‘Rumor And Sigh’.

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  10. 5by5 | The Incomparable #170: Let Zygons Be Zygons

    The 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, "The Day of the Doctor."
    November 23, 2013 at 8:30pm • 44 minutes •

    In this special unedited flashcast edition, we talk about the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, "The Day of the Doctor," immediately after viewing it! It just about made our heads explode and we want to watch it again immediately. Join us for our post-episode breakdown of what we saw and what we liked.

    Special guests Dan Moren, David J. Loehr, Scott McNulty, and Serenity Caldwell.

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