99 Hobbies interview with Ed Brennheiser

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  1. I Love Micro-DXpedition

    An auto fiole for a slidecast regarding the world of amateur radio


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  2. Flex 3000 audio captured on 20 meters

    Amateur Radio audio captured on the Flex 3000 at 7:10pm on July 19, 2013. Frequency was 14.285.

    KK4HBA in Clear Water Florida is talking with WA2AAR in New Jersey. (20 meters). If you are interested in amateur radio check out www.arrl.org for lots of good information. Getting an operator license from the FCC can be accomplished in several months of study, and by observing other licensed radio operators.

    73 TelescopeMan W1XWX

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  3. Good Old Boys Radio Net on ham radio

    TelescopeMan records the Good Old Boys amateur radio net on 7.279, on January 8, 2014.

    Posted so that some of the members can hear their audio signals. Check-ins on the net from all around the USA. Signals were captured near Dallas, Texas on a Flex 3000 radio.

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