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  1. Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 61): Lawyer Eric Greenbaum Discusses ZeniMax Claims Against John Carmack and Oculus VR

    ZeniMax, John Carmack’s former employer, is claiming that Carmack and Oculus VR owe them for technology that was developed while Carmack was still with id Software. Eric Greenbaum, New York lawyer and VR developer, joins me to discuss the possible ramifications of this case.

    The last time Eric was on the Rev VR Podcast, we discussed the “Oculu vs. Oculus” case that had everyone in the VR community pretty worked up. Now, ZeniMax is taking up arms to fight for what they claim is their intellectual property.

    Eric explains that the specific piece that ZeniMax is upset about are the tweaks Carmack made in the tracking system used in the Oculus Rift. Without these tweaks, the Rift may not have been a viable consumer product. Then again, maybe his tweaks were nothing more than obvious VR adjustments that shouldn’t be patentable. It is entirely possible that ZeniMax may have a valid argument against Carmack and Oculus, especially if a contract was signed. We really don’t have all of the information yet.

    Will this case directly impact release dates or future tech enhancements in the Oculus Rift? Probably not. Is this going to cost a bit of money to either settle or fight? Probably. As things progress, we will have Eric back on as a guest and we will discuss things further.  Thanks to Eric for being such a wonderful guest.

    Eric is the founder of the NYC VR Meetup.  If you are in the area, check it out!

    Be sure to catch up with Eric Greenbaum on his blog:

    And check out Eric’s endeavors into the VR development world:

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  2. Rev VR Podcast - Episode 55: Kickstarter Backers Speak Out About The Facebook Acquisition of Oculus - Road to Virtual Reality

    After reading several articles today in regards to the outcry from Oculus Kickstarter backers, I felt it was necessary to grab a couple of them and let them speak their mind on the podcast.

    Nikki and 320 (not his real name) join me on this episode of the Rev VR Podcast. 320 backed the Kickstarter with the intention of getting his hands on a development kit and helping to bring VR to the masses. Nikki, on the other hand, only backed for the sheer passion and a cool t-shirt. Both of them have a great story to tell and were excited to have the opportunity to address some of the concerns that are causing such an uproar.

    Several Kickstarter backers were unable to join us, but still wanted to have their voice heard. I read several statements that were sent to me so as to give everyone a chance to be heard. One contributor, mathpill, was very upset and sent his case along with several quotes from Palmer to justify his concerns. I read his statement and we debated it as well.

    I also used this podcast as an opportunity to thank everyone who did back the Oculus Kickstarter. No matter which side of this debate you fall on, or how you feel about the acquisition, I want you to know that without you, VR might not have ever become a reality. The entire VR community owes you a large amount of gratitude for believing in something so strongly that you were willing to put your hard-earned money behind it. We are all going to have a chance to experience this amazing technology because of you. Whether you feel betrayed or you are excited about the recent events, know that you have my sincere thanks for being forward thinking pioneers of the future.

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  3. Tech News 2Night 36 | TWiT.TV

    Groundbreaking news for cord-cutters, where is iOS 7.1?, is Bitcoin a currency or commodity?, RadioShack to close over 1,000 stores, and how you can be a trailblazer without getting fired.

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  4. Asymcar 10: Asleep at the switch | Asymcar

    The orthodox vs. the unorthodox: Tata, Tesla and Toyota. Why might an asymmetric competitor lose and a symmetric competitor win?

    We begin with Tesla and Apple. We continue with aluminum vehicles and re-visit information asymmetry as Horace exploits it to buy a Mercedes on eBay.

    We talk about car APIs (Aux input jack and ODBII).

    Jim muses on the risks used car buyers face from eye-watering transmission costs to the parallels between iPhone mules and American citizens recently prosecuted for flipping new German cars to buyers in mainland China.

    A brief discussion considers the perils of endless line extension up and down the market, perhaps fueled by financialization.

    We close by considering the track record and business models of recent “disruptive” entrants from Toyota’s Prius to Tesla and the Renault (Dacia) Logan.

    33mb mp3 about 63 minutes.

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    A Capitalist’s Dilemma by Clay Christensen.

    Silvercar Rentals.

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  5. 5by5 | In Beta #85: The Google Basket

    Putting all your eggs in one online basket, and how to get away from said basket.

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  6. Hired. - Matt Mullenweg, Automattic

    Cameron sits down with Matt Mullenweg, best known for developing WordPress. Matt discusses the history of WordPress, working remotely, distributed offices, and the importance of customer service. Automattic is hiring! Check out their listings on Authentic Jobs and more on their site.

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  7. Bring Me The Head Of Tim Berners-Lee - The Big Web Show - Mule Radio Syndicate

    The Big Web Show

    Episode 109

    January 23, 2014


    Bring Me The Head Of Tim Berners-Lee

    with Robin Berjon

    A rational conversation about EME, DRM, the MPAA, and the W3C.

    Sponsored by

    Squarespace: For a free trial and 10% off, use offer code FREELANCE.

    Websites we mention:

    “Please Bring Me More of That Yummy DRM Discussion” by Robin Berjon

    About Robin Berjon

    Robin on Twitter: @robinberjon

    “We Are Huxleying Ourselves Into The Full Orwell” by Corey Doctorow

    News of the MPAA’s W3C Membership reaches Colonel Kurtz

    Web platform tests on Github

    World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

    Test The Web Forward blog

    Test The Web Forward W3C announcement by Robin Berjon

    The Main Problem With The Invention of the Internet

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  8. Asymcar 8: The EcoV | Asymcar

    Richard Marks, a battle-hardened veteran of the electric vehicle wars, joins Horace and Jim in Asymcar 8.

    Our exploration considers the lessons of General Motors’ EV1 and subsequent conversion initiatives. We charge into the organizational, distribution and regulatory dynamics that sustain the long-serving Henry Ford production system. We reflect a bit on Tesla’s use of this century old production model.

    Richard galvanizes the conversation with a description of his EcoV concept. The disruptive potential of its modular design, impressive economics and off the shelf components sparks a look at potential urban markets, from delivery vehicles to car sharing services.

    We close with a discussion of the investment and distribution climate for disruptive vehicles such as the EcoV.

    36mb mp3 about 67 minutes.

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    Henry Ford Production System

    Toyota Production System

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  9. 217: A Smorgasbord of Topics With Dan Carlin

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  10. from python import podcast Episode 015: An Evening with Jesse Noller

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