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  1. #11 – A Punch In The Mouth | Dads Being Dads

    http://dadsbeingdads.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/DBD011.mp3Download file | Duration: 1:11:12 | Size: 38.71MLoud Talkers vs napping children.


    if you use your work computer for your entire photo collection…  stop.

    backup tips.

    dont walk back up the sled track.

    Standardize all cup types!  Extra points for containers.



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  2. AP010

    Today’s episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, is all about selling with social media. Today’s special

    is Laura Roeder, of LKR Social Media.


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  3. The Final Straw 2013/10/27: Ben Turk on Insurgent Theatre & Prison Abolition|A-Infos Radio Project

    This week’s episode is a conversation with Ben Turk. Ben’s a co-founder of Insurgent Theatre, the decade-old theater troop that has presented a number of original and refurbished theater workshops and performances around the country. Topics of IT’s works have ranged from discussions around Militancy framed through Homer’s Odyssey to Administrative Segregation to a Terrorists Fairytale.

    Insurgent Theatre’s current play is called "Know Your Enemy." The play is a one-person presentation based around a community liaison cop with a liberal heart of gold. As the play goes on, the cop begins to question whether he can actually do his job and help the community. A psychological study into the head of the "good cop" and community/cop relations, it also serves as a history of policing in the United States (ala "Our Enemies in Blue" by Kristian Williams) and a discussion of safer practices when interacting with cops (a sort of Know Your Rights presentation). http://insurgenttheatre.org/acab/acab.html

    "Know Your Enemy" is touring with the second film by D Jones in the "The Great Incarcerator" series. That film, "The Shadow of Lucasville" includes some eye opening just came out and a preview can be found online at: http://darklittlesecretmovie.com/the-great-incarcerator-part-2-the-shadow-of-lucasville/

    We also talk a bit during the hour about art and theater in the modern U.S. and how they can and/or do(n’t) intersect. He has a theatrical and theoretical project meant to play out his views on the role of art in revolution. http://artscab.net/

    Finally, we speak about prison abolition. Ben has been involved in Redbird Prison Abolition, doing support work for and with prisoners (and those in revolt in particular) in Ohio where the project is based. These include the Lucasville Uprising prisoners, Sean Swain and others. http://www.redbirdprisonabolition.org/

    This episodes playlist can be found at: http://www.ashevillefm.org/node/7923

    Archives of the interview episodes can be found at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org and music episodes can be found at radio4all.net and archive.org by searching "final straw music". You can email us at thefinalstrawradio(aaaaaat)riseup(dote)net

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  4. Chris Kresser: Your Personal Paleo Code, Top 5 Myths in Health, and Why Cavemen Died Young | Fat-Burning Man by Abel James: Real Food, Real Results.

    Chris Kresser is a fellow podcast host and the author of the new book "Your Personal Paleo Code," which will be released on December 31st!


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  5. Julie Klausner


    Julie Klausner’s Podcast



    "One of the Best Comedy Podcasts"

    —NYTimes, Rolling Stone, GQ

    "Hilarious and Insightful"

    —USA Today

    "One of the comedians who could follow Conan on TBS"

    —Huffington Post

    "One of the few essential podcasts… It’s personal comedy wrapped (in a way that is both apt and unlikely) inside the spirit of a variety show. Her literate sensibility and affection for showmanship are reminders of an era when ‘nerd’ connoted smart more than obsessive."

    —The NYTimes


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  6. 328 Finding Your Voice – Knowing What You Want To Share With The World

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download Three Ideas For Finding Your Voice In this episode, I invite Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang back to Podcast Answer Man. Joel and Pei were featured as guests back on episode 226


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  7. Episode 30 :: Screenwriter Brian McDonald’s Creative Process :: Pt.2 - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com

    We continue our conversation with filmmaker Brian McDonald, talking about making your work universal, Plot vs. Character, and Dialog. - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com.


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  8. #10 How Lifestyle Fitness Can Change Your Entire Life [Podcast] | Aaron McHugh: Work . Life . Play

    For most people, the fitness goals they committed to on January 1st are broken. This podcast will help you commit to a lifestyle of fitness.


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  9. Austin Kleon at CreativeMornings/Austin

    On April 5, 2013 CreativeMornings/Austin welcomed Austin Kleon, a writer who draws, for its ongoing series of breakfast talks for creative types.

    Audio-rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/65988589

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  10. Episode 28 :: Screenwriter Brian McDonald’s Creative Process :: Pt.1 - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com

    Filmmaker and Author, Brian McDonald takes us into his creative process, tackling Movie Reality, his influences, and his book THE GOLDEN THEME. - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com.


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