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  1. Broken 20 #17: Warren Ellis – Broken Strategy

    Warren Ellis is an English author of comics, novels, and television. “This year has been about four projects for me: the experimental “augmented reality” comic SVK, the talk on “digital cities” and history that became the forthcoming short volume GHOSTBOOK, the crime novel GUN MACHINE and an unannounced graphic novel with the working codename “Project Z.” All four projects were, in some sense, all about the same things: hauntings and invisible maps. What follows is a slice of the soundtrack that’s been accompanying the writing of these works.”

    1 Aleister Crowley: “The call of the second Aethyr, c. 1920″

    2 Haxan Cloak: “In Memoriam”

    3 ?AIMON: “PURE” (the character before the A is a triangle)

    4 Alymysto: “Tomsk-7″

    5 Phurpa: “The Visualization”

    6 Julia Holter: “Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art”

    7 Lydia Lunch & Lucy Hamilton: “How Men Die in their Sleep”

    8 Natural Snow Buildings: “Moscow Signal”

    9 Julianna Barwick: “Flown”

    10 David Watson: “Skirl Power”

    11 Echoboy: “Death Drums”

    12 Popol Vuh: “In The Realm Of The Shadow”

    13 Pears: “Coasting”

    14 Muslimgauze: “Cairopraktor”

    15 SALEM: “King Night”

    16 Delia Derbyshire (with Dick Mills): “Time to go”


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