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  1. Double Oddio Goodness Week! Nick Fury & Captain America United!

    This week, the League celebrates Captain America: The Winter Soldier being number one at the box office, and number one in our hearts, with two classic Oddio Comic re-posts!

    In the first Oddio, Nick Fury and his witty remarks take on Hydra, who unfortunately strip him and tie him down for some… torture. yeah, that’s it. In the second classic Oddio, the Red Skull forces Captain America to do his bidding for 24 hours. What evil will the Skull make Cap do? One can never know, but it does get Cap cheesed off!

    —Huffduffed by claynferno one week ago

  2. LeaguePodcast #188 - Captain America Beauty

    The Gents talk Captain America: The Winter Soldier (at the swanky theater), the Mystery Science Theater falling-out, and, well, more Captain America, because it was that damn good.

    —Huffduffed by claynferno 2 weeks ago

  3. /Filmcast Ep. 267 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    David and Devindra discuss the possibility of a new Goonies film, what would make a Police Academy movie great, and what’s up with the new Amazon Fire TV. Special guest Jeff Cannata joins us from DLC.

    —Huffduffed by nguyen 2 weeks ago

  4. /Filmcast Ep. 261 – House of Cards: Season 2

    Dave and Devindra discuss whether House of Cards is television or not, and share their reactions to the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Plus, Dave launches a Kickstarter to make a movie with Stephen Tobolowsky this year. Joanna Robinson joins us from Vanity Fair. Be sure to read why House of Cards doesn’t care what you think.

    —Huffduffed by nguyen one month ago

  5. League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #181 - Hating on the Weatherm’n

    Winter Soldiers Clay, Josh and Dursin talk about Robocop, Hawkeye, She-Hulk #1 and Clay "Weird Sciencing" his girlfriend. It’s true! He did!

    —Huffduffed by claynferno 2 months ago

  6. With Bonfires And Dancing, Indians Ring In Hindu New Year : Parallels : NPR

    The colorful Indian festival of Lohri marks the end of winter and the start of winter harvest. It celebrates what is considered to be the winter solstice, even if it’s actually a couple weeks late.


    —Huffduffed by abrin 3 months ago

  7. No Relief Forecast After One Of California’s Driest Years Ever : NPR

    While the East Coast is digging out from a major winter storm, California is praying for rain. The state just finished one of the driest years on record, and that has water managers, farmers and others worried.


    —Huffduffed by abrin 3 months ago

  8. Does Winter Really Bring On The Blues? Maybe Not : NPR

    For millions of Americans, the good cheer of Christmas and other festivals is marred by what many call the "holiday blues." Counselors, therapists and self-help books offer advice on how to beat this seasonal depression. But the ubiquitous "winter blues" might just be a myth.


    —Huffduffed by emoeby 4 months ago

  9. League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast #169 - Geek Salad’s Mike Gulick

    The Gents are joined by Geek Salad’s Mike Gulick to discuss Halloween costumes, Arkham Origins, and the trailer for the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

    —Huffduffed by claynferno 5 months ago

  10. Pogoradio-Sendung vom 14. März 2011

    Folge 554: Zu Gast war Geld von Geld et Nelt

    Songliste: Interpret, Titel, Album Geld et Nelt – Jingle Elizabeth — Candles — Where Vultures Land Geld et Nelt — Mai Messa Glänsd Ach In Deim Rigge — Muhgeleckt Chefdenker — Die Welt In 2-3 Minuten — Eine Von Hundert Mikrowellen Casanovas Schwule Seite — Ich Will Dich Ficken — Das Rock’n’Roll Imperium Schlägt Zurück Geld et Nelt — Faheirat — Die Schöne Buijerin Messer — Augen in der Dunkelheit — Augen 7″ Die Nerven — Alles was ich hasse — Asoziale Medien Stern Fucking Zeit — Page not found — Demo AZ — I Hate Winter — The Bomb REX 2000

    —Huffduffed by pogoradio 2 years ago

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