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  1. Sign Up for the Carol Corps on This Week in Marvel NOW! with Kelly Sue DeConnick | News | Marvel.com

    The writer talks about the evolution of Carol Danvers, new challenges, new settings and much more!


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  2. The Mac & Forth Show : The Mac & Forth Mini Show 001 - Cast Off

    Welcome to our sister show of the Mac & Forth Show. The Mac & Forth Show Mini. Here we will be focusing on either some big news of the week or a Apple related subject. We also hope to interview some developers along the way so if you are a developer or know of one please get in touch if they would like to be part of a future show.

    Anyway, this week Karl deals with one of his favourite subjects, streaming media. He explains why the Chromecast has become his device of choice and covers how to set up and use Plex.

    Please let us know what you think of the Mini show as you’re feedback is important to us.

    Please come and join our Google+ Communityor Contact us via Twitteror email us at macandforth@gmail.com

    Theme Music by: Russ Clewett


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  3. Black Heart Gold Podcast 134 | Black Heart Gold Podcast

    It’s a rare double-podcast week, but that’s what Wrestlemania does for us. For the second installment of our Wrestlemania 30 preview, we’re joined by Dan Vecellio (@djvecellio), Adam Collyer (@AdamCollyer), and Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33), contributors all at SB Nation Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries. As if that weren’t enough, longtime Friend of the Pants and Wrestling Blog proprietor Tom Holzerman (@tholzerman) is also on the line.  It’s insane how much time we can spend talking about fake sports.

    Listen Now:


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  4. Episode 22: The Great Joomla! License Battle of 2014 - PHP Town Hall

    This week Ben Edmunds is joined by new guest David Stanley and recurring guest Don Gilbert to discuss the latest Joomla! framework licensing drama. …


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    Matthew Gunson Talks Advertising With Jobs-to-be-Done on JTBD Radio

    Chris Spiek



    It’s been clear to many of us in the #JTBD world that having a better understanding of the emotion that a consumer experiences related to a purchase will not only help us develop better products, but will also help us message better, market better, and design advertisements better.

    This week Matthew Gunson, Senior Strategist at Lane-Terralever, joins us on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio to talk about his experience applying Jobs-to-be-Done in an ad agency.“I sat down and started designing something, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had designing because every question that I had was answered.”

    Matthew walks us through how he came to discover Jobs-to-be-Done, and shares tips on how others in the advertising industry might think about learning it and taking the first steps towards applying it.  

    He also tells a great story of how he applied JTBD to a project in the education space related to Charter Schools, and how it helped him quickly lay out a clear course of action for the client.

    Show Notes

    Follow Matthew Gunson on Twitter


    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download


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  6. Ask the RD: Post Meal Sugar Cravings and Overdosing On Liver

    Join Kelsey Marksteiner, MS, RD and Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD, staff nutritionists at ChrisKresser.com, as they answer your questions about ancestral and Paleo nutrition. A must-listen for anyone new to the Paleo diet or looking to improve their current Paleo diet based on their personal needs and health goals. 

    The content on this show reflects the opinion of Kelsey and Laura and does not represent the opinions of Chris Kresser, who has not reviewed the content of this podcast.

    Have a question for our nutritionists? Submit it here.

    We have another Q&A episode this week! Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions so far, and we hope you’re enjoying the podcast.

    Here are the questions that Laura and Kelsey address in this episode:

    I would like to know more about cravings. I cook all my meals from scratch at home using the best ingredients I can find and following paleo/WAPF/PHD type foods. My husband however gets cravings for sweet things after meals (i.e. not when he is hungry) and buys himself processed foods: cakes, chocolate, biscuits etc… and ends up eating more than one portion at a time when he has them at home. Why does he get these cravings after meals? He’s already eating full fat nutritious meals with carbs.

    I have heard from other paleo gurus that eating more than a quarter pound of organ meat per week can actually cause a person to take in too many vitamins/minerals. Is this ‘overdose’ of offal a real problem if you eat more than a quarter pound per week?

    Podcast (ask-the-rd): Play in new window

    | Download

    Links Discussed:

    Chris explains how to monitor your blood sugar

    Diane Sanfilippo’s 21-Day Sugar Detox

    Chris explains vitamin A toxicity

    Chris Masterjohn discusses the synergy between vitamin A and vitamin D

    About Laura: Laura is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill. She has been a content manager for ChrisKresser.com since 2011, and she is passionate about making traditional diets healthful and accessible for all her clients. You can learn more about Laura by checking out her blog or visiting her on Facebook.

    About Kelsey: Kelsey is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She works in private practice and recommends individualized dietary therapy focusing on biologically appropriate diet principles to aid her clients in losing weight, gaining energy, and pursuing continued health.  You can learn more about Kelsey on her staff bio page, or by visiting her website. Join her newsletter here!


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  7. 1: The Horrible Son - Tech Douchebags

    In this week’s meeting, Alex Knight of Zero Distraction confesses his frustration with his father’s constant questions about simple smartphone functions, o


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  8. OmniFocus 2, Time, and To-Dos | The Weekly Briefly

    On this week’s show:

    My history with to-do lists.

    Initial impressions of the new OmniFocus 2 for Mac beta and how it compares to OmniFocus on the iPad and iPhone.

    Thoughts on giving areas of responsibility a designated time-slot during the day / week.


    OF2 for Mac Beta

    What’s Best Next

    My reviews of Things in 2009 and then OmniFocus in 2010

    Sponsored by:

    22Slides: Portfolios for people who have better things to do than tinker with code.

    The awesome members of shawnblanc.net: their support makes the work I do a sustainable possibility.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 28:14 — 19.5MB)


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  9. CMD+Space 89: Opportunity Knocks, with Casey Liss - CMD+Space | Pocket Casts

    This week Myke is joined by Casey Liss.


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  10. The Indoor Kids #141: Completionism with Jason Ritter « Nerdist

    This week Kumail and Emily welcome actor Jason Ritter, a Twitter guest request, to talk about working, gaming, and growing up gamer. Plus, we play a Twitter game! You’ll love it.


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    Wild Canaries, We’ll Never Have Paris, Being John Malkovich, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Misery, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, The Wizard of Oz, Good Dick, Total Recall, Howard The Duck


    Silicon Valley, The Big Bang Theory, The Event, The Nine, Twin Peaks, The 4400, Flash Forward, True Detective, American Horror Story, Lost, X-Files, The A Team, Game of Thrones



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