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  1. Webstock ‘13: Bruce Sterling - What a feeling!

    In a performance full of subtle shades of meaning highlighting the delicate ebb and flow of the agitations of the body, Bruce Sterling, renowned science fiction author, design essayist, Net critic and a founder of the EFF, will recreate the famous audition scene from iconic eighties movie Flashdance.

    Audio rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/63012862

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  2. Webstock ‘13: Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World

    You are directly responsible for what you put into the world. Yet every day designers all over the world work on projects without giving any thought or consideration to the impact that work has on the world around them. This needs to change.

    Audio rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/68470326

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  3. Webstock ‘13: Jason Kottke - I built a web app (& you can too)

    I have spent the last three years working on, primarily by myself in my spare time, a web app called Stellar, which collects your social media favorites all in one place. It was easy to build and also difficult to build. I’ll share what I’ve learned while building it and what I’m still struggling with. And maybe we can help each other figure out how to make it easy for more people to make their own apps and what to do with them once they’re out in the world.

    Audio rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/63982137

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  4. Denied Permission for an Emergency Landing at Clavius

    Special guest Jim Coudal joins John Gruber to discuss Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, The Deck network and the state of online advertising, and the just-completed Webstock conference in Wellington, New Zealand.


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  5. Adactio: Articles—Of Time And The Network

    A presentation about history, networks, and digital preservation, from the Webstock conference held in Wellington, New Zealand in February 2012.

    Our perception and measurement of time has changed as our civilisation has evolved. That change has been driven by networks, from trade routes to the internet. Now that we have the real-time web allowing instantaneous global communication, there’s a danger that we may neglect our legacy for the future. While the web has democratised publishing, allowing anyone to share ideas with a global audience, it doesn’t appear to be the best medium for preserving our cultural resources: websites and documents disappear down the digital memory hole every day. But we can change that. This presentation will offer an alternative history of technology and a fresh perspective on the future that is ours to save.


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  6. The Myths of Innovation - Scott Berkun

    The Myths of Innovation - Scott Berkun


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  7. MacTalk - Webstock ‘12 | Matt Inman

    Matt Haughey has been running Metafilter for the last 14 years, so he knows a thing or two about web communities. Fresh from the Webstock stage, where he gave an hilarious account of what it’s like turning 40 in Silicon Valley, Matt was nice enough to chat with me about life, cats, and what it’s really like at the Googleplex.


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  8. Merlin Mann chats with Adam Lisagor about Webstock 2012


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  9. Annalee Newitz - Your Business Plan Is Science Fiction —€“ And That’s a Good Thing

    Just two decades ago, the Web and public internet were the stuff of science fiction. Creators like William Gibson, who coined the term "cyberspace" in his novel Neuromancer, helped define the terms of social life online, as well as inspiring many of the inventions (like smartphones) that we take for granted. But what is today’s science fiction telling us about where our technology will go tomorrow? I’ll talk about the stories today’s scifi creators are telling about the Web and internet, and how their ideas create a fantastical map of what people are seeking in their online lives. Fiction – And That’s a Good Thing


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  10. Adam Lisagor - Webstock

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