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  1. How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints And The Garmin Forerunner 620

    44: Latest Updates, How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints, Sneak Peak Of The Garmin Forerunner 620 [ 49:35 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    In today’s episode I cover shin splints and why they just aren’t an injury that affects beginning runners.   I also take a moment and share my first thoughts on the Garmin Forerunner 620 and the Garmin Forerunner 220, two of Garmin’s newest GPS watches that I recently had the opportunity to play with. Finally, I also take a few minutes to discuss what has been happening behind the scenes and why I haven’t released a podcast for several weeks.

    Here are the show notes, but be sure to listen to the episode because I go into a LOT more detail:

    What are shin splints?

    Shin splints are a special classification or type  of overuse injury rather than a specific injury.  What I mean by that is that shin splints generically refer to an area of pain and can be caused by a couple of different reasons.

     They occur as micro-tears in the muscle, where it attaches to the bone, becomes irritated, inflamed as they lift up at the attachment point.

    Can be caused by increasing your running frequency, distance, or intensity too fast, too soon.

    Anterior shin splints occur more towards the front of the shin and is often the result of ramping up distance too fast, or for people not used to running and starting after a long layoff.    Posterior shin splints often occur with muscle imbalances, poor running gait, or tight calves.

    Downhill running can make you more prone to getting shin splints.

    How to treat shin splints (again, listen to the podcast!):

    Stop, evaluate and rest .

    if mild, take 3 days off and ease back into running

    if moderate/severe, take 3 days off with no running then take an additional 7-14 days off using low impact cross training like swimming, elliptical, or biking to keep your cardio levels in tip top shape.|

    Ice frequently

    10-15 minutes if using bagged ice, or ice packs

    5-10 minutes if using a frozen ice cup (I freeze paper cups and keep them ready at all times)

    Evaluate your running shoes

    Have you been properly fitted? Have you changed them at 300-500 miles

    Start a strengthening and stretching routine

    Try these strengthening routines if you suffer from shin splints:

    Eccentric calf raises and drops are excellent for both shin splints as well as calf tightness and Achilles tendonitis:

    How to Return to Running after Shin Splints

    Return to running slowly by decreasing distance, frequency and intensity by 50% for the first week, 75% of pre-injury running the second week.

    Avoid hills and uneven terrain (especially downhill running!)

    Continue to do eccentric calf stretches and strengthening.

    Sports massage therapy (ex. soft tissue techniques) can help restore normal range of motion and increase symmetry and strength of the appropriate muscles.  This can not only help shin splints but really help address and prevent calf tightness!

    Finally, here is a great resource on shin splints from the University of Illinois


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    Also mentioned on the podcast:

    The new Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220 GPS watches are just about out! I ordered my 620 and I am waiting for it to arrive later this month. I can’t wait. I saw a early version of it through a Garmin rep and they look great! Lots of new features. Find out what I thought about it here as well as my Garmin Watch Comparison Chart:The Garmin Forerunner 620/220 – Take A Look At Garmin’s New GPS Watch For Runners


    Here is the link to get a free audiobook just for trying out Audible. If you don’t like it, cancel and keep the book. This is a great program for listening to something while you run. A lot of great running books out there too!

    Happy Running!

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