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  1. PodCastle 254: Sundae - PodCastle

    by Matt Wallace

    Read by Dave Robison (of the Round Table Podcast)

    Originally published as a Kindle eBook.

    Perhaps the greatest warrior the world had ever known was entombed in a brown cardboard box in the attic. The box was scrawled “Kenny’s Room” in bright red Sharpie pen and stuffed into a dust-covered corner one Spring-cleaning with several others. Some contained toys the children had outgrown, others contained electronics that were working but hopelessly out-of-date. All of them were quickly forgotten about.

    Inside the cardboard box filled with other unwanted toys, Sundae lay in his miniature steamer trunk. The trunk’s once-fine leather was cracked and peeling all over, its many stamps painted with their images of post card lands dulled and faded by age. Sundae himself had not faired much better through the years (it had been almost a century since he was created in Magda’s workshop).

    One of his eyes was missing, and the tear left by its departure had been sewn shut to keep the fluff from leaking out. A large patch of fur covering his right breast and shoulder was dark and brittle. He’d taken a tumble into a roaring fireplace while grappling with a particularly nasty beast back in the 70’s. The cover he’d fashioned from leather scraps for his left ear, to protect the pressed metal button that was the source of all Stenz bears’ power, looked worn and awkwardly stapled on.

    There were other punctures and tears and rips. Some had been sewn like his eye, some closed hastily with masking tape that was now brown and furling at the corners.

    Rated R: Contains violent Teddy Bears. Been a while since we did that!

    Special thanks to Alasdair Stuart – our Guest Editor and Host this week!

    Sundae [ 52:26 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  2. “This is Water” - David Foster Wallace

    This is the commencement address he gave to the graduates of Kenyon College in 2005.

    Full transcript:


    Original audio source:


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  3. Katie Davis, Bloods

    Being an African-American fighting in the jungles of Vietnam meant always getting the most dangerous missions, and sometimes having to save the lives of the


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  4. Nick Park (Creator of Wallace and Grommit) on Desert Island Discs

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  5. The Leonard Lopate Show — David Foster Wallace

    David Foster Wallace may have written other books, but he really first made a mark in the literary scene with his 1,079-page, three-pound-three-ounce novel, Infinite Jest. Jay McInerney called it “something like a sleek Vonnegut chassis wrapped in layers of post-millennial Zola.” David Foster Wallace had been teaching at Pomona College when he died on Friday, September 12, 2008. He discussed Infinite Jest in 1996 with Leonard.

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  6. Everything is Green | David Foster Wallace

    Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast http://www.miettecast.com/2011/09/14/everything-is-green-guest-narrator-george-carr/

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  7. Thomas Was Alone


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  8. Green Street Podcast- Brad Stevens

    Watch Green Street Podcast- Brad Stevens in the WEEI Audio


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  9. NPR Interview with Actor/Playwright Wallace Shawn

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  10. Interview with David Foster Wallace, 17 October 2003, side 2 (33:20)


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