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  1. 328 Finding Your Voice – Knowing What You Want To Share With The World

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download Three Ideas For Finding Your Voice In this episode, I invite Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang back to Podcast Answer Man. Joel and Pei were featured as guests back on episode 226


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  2. Vocal fry or creaky voice in young American women, on Lexicon Valley.

    Listen to Lexicon Valley Episode No. 24: Get Your Creak On Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab In the early 1980s, Valleyspeak—with its liberal use of “like,” totally grody vocabulary and high rising terminal—swept the nation with the help of surf culture and Frank Zappa and…


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  3. #19 Cari Cole Vocal Rescue Live

    Guest interview with NYC vocal coach Cari Cole


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  4. Clockwise Podcast 1: Siri wins the lottery | TechHive

    Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Jason Cross, and Lex Friedman launch a new podcast and discuss smartwatches, Windows Phone, voice control, and the App Store at 5.


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  5. Journey Into…: Journey #7 - The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster (part 2)

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  6. What Protestants Have Learned From the Catholic Sex Scandals: Voice of Russia American Edition


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  7. Predicting the Future With Crowdsourcing: Voice of Russia American Edition


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  8. Content Strategy for Mobile with Karen McGrane | The Breaking Development Podcast | Fresh Squeezed Mobile brought you by Breaking Development

    This week Karen McGrane joins us to talk about content strategy for mobile. We talk about creating resuable content, the problem with WYSIWYG’s, what voice means for content and the similarities between CMS design and vomit.

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  9. SxSW ’09 - Gruber & Mann - HOWTO: 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!

    My pal, John Gruber (from daringfireball.net), and I presented a talk at South by Southwest Interactive on Saturday, March 14th. We talked about building a blog you can be proud of, trying to improve the quality of your work, reaching the people you admire, and maybe even making a buck (in a way that doesn’t blow your deal). Here’s what we had to say:

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  10. White House Hacking a ‘Game Between Defenders and Attackers’: Voice of Russia


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