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  1. How Industrial Chemical Regulation Failed West Virginia : NPR

    For Charleston Gazette reporter Ken Ward, the recent chemical spill — and sometimes confusing information authorities have provided about the risks to citizens — reflect long-standing regulatory failures in the state. He says West Virginia has "basically ignored" recommendations for stricter oversight.


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  2. Virginia Conversations: Semester at Sea | Virginia Public Radio

    On today’s Virginia Conversations, imagine taking a college course in geography and your instructor’s half-way around the world. One Virginia Tech teacher did it, and he’s back home to share his adventure. John Boyer, better known as “The Plaid Avenger”, explains how he juggled teaching on a “Semester at Sea” voyage without missing a beat…


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  3. ACC Preview with Chip Patterson (8/5) — The Solid Verbal: Living College Football

    Ty and Dan talk with Chip Patterson from CBSSports.com and discuss the impact of Jameis Winston at Florida State, the trajectory of Virginia Tech, North Carolina’s expectations, Maryland’s sneaky-goodness, Georgia Tech’s ceiling, potential Clemsonings and much more.  Plus, more Solid


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  4. The 404 902: Where logical fallacies beg the question (podcast) | The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs

    If you had to guess, how many pages exist on the Internet, including advertisements and computer-generated articles? Google just gave The World Wide Web Foundation a million dollar grant to answer that question. Read this blog post by Justin Yu on The 404 Podcast.


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  5. Snuffy McPoopypants (How SICMaN Was Formed)

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    Welcome Break: Swift Intro?

    Shakespeare’s Ghozt- Revenge of the Nerds Mink and Cheef’s Electric Band- O’Riely’s Daughter Solemn Flight- Crime Zachary Tate Pool- The Drones Buzzed and Ants Are Small

    2nd Break: A Plea For the Return of the No Good Hickpiece

    Spoiled Americans- Welcome to Virginia Techno Tim- Earth and Animals Glass Pennies- Seppuku DoZilla- The Exclusive

    3rd Break: This Week In Hampton Roads Music History

    The Luvrs- Downtown Women Tha Grit- Wake Up Call The PicUp Kids- Music In My Veins Secret Mark- Memories

    4th Break: Two Years of YMS Next Week!

    Mutant League- Wherever You Go The Bottle Babies- Little Bit of You Midfield- Route 13 Digging Up Virgina- Annelise

    Goodbye Break: Albert’s Corner and What We Learned Today

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