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  1. Interview: Tom Standage

    There is nothing new under the sun, says Ecclesiastes, and when it comes to social media Tom Standage has set out to prove the saying right. His day job is as a journalist and the digital editor at The Economist. But he’s also the author of a book called The Victorian Internet. And he’s got another in the pipeline called Cicero’s Web. I began by asking him about a technology which totally transformed Australian life in the Victorian era - the telegraph wire.

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  2. CNN News Anchor Rick Sanchez Plays ‘Not My Job’

    CNN news anchor Rick Sanchez was tweeting before Twitter was cool. Wait, it’s still not cool … but no matter. Because he’s such an expert in new social media, we’ve asked him to play a game called "Queen Victoria could have tweeted, but chose not to." Three questions about old social media — namely, the telegraph — inspired by the book The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage.

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