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  1. Third Paradigm: 3P-052 Writing the Wrongs and Other Tails

    Closes out the first year of Third Paradigm by adding a retrospective of (mostly) unpublished writings by Tereza Coraggio to the website. A collection of sixteen poems is called Becoming Yeast: Poems of Transformation. Nine essays on the apocryphal gospel of Philip are called Revolutionary Mystics and How to Become One. Also includes responses to Jeffrey Sachs and to Peter Singer, and proof that Jesus was the code name for an imperialist Roman spy.

    Comments on Obama’s pre-conviction of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the media. Suggests a trial for the "masterminds" of the controlled demolition that killed the other 2900. Reads three of my own poems, Celestial Effervescence, The Holy Dark, and Thoughts on the Afterlife, plus Morning Prayers by Joy Harjo.

    Read the show transcript while listening, and view our images, videos, and links on the Third Paradigm website:


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