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  1. Pro Beer Brewing Startup with Modern Times - BeerSmith Podcast #54 | Home Brewing Beer Blog by BeerSmith

    This week I interview Jacob McKean and Michael Tonsmeire who are involved in a cross country beer collaboration to build a new brewery in San Diego called Modern Times. We walk through some of the challenges in going from home brewer to pro brewer!


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  2. Peter Bregman Interview — 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done | The New Man Podcast

    Peter Bregman Interview — 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done. Discusses the dangers of productivity and your comfort zone. Unconventional tips for success and living your passion.


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  3. Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis: Impact on the Political Transition

    August 29, 2012. Atlantic Council of the US

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  4. HRT - Otvorena srijeda - Tranzicija - osvrni se gnjevno

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  5. Strengthening Local Economies: Michael Shuman on Investing in Small Business

    Summary: Not even 1 percent of Americans’ long-term savings are invested locally, largely because it’s just not possible under the current system. But what would our towns look like if a larger fraction of this $30 trillion were in local economies? Local businesses account for half of the jobs and economic output in the U.S., so the effect could be important. During Orion’s latest live web event, Michael Shuman, author of the new book Local Dollars, Local Sense, discussed innovative ways that citizens can improve their local economies while growing their own bank accounts.

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  6. Rob Hopkins: Making The Red Pill Taste Good - Blogs at Chris Martenson

    Rob Hopkins is a true pioneer of the movement to intelligently prepare and adapt society for entering a post-Peak Oil future. His brainchild, Transition Towns, has been one of the most successful initiative to-date in inspiring hundreds of cities, towns


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  7. Rob Hopkins: “Transition as Cookery”

    Talk given by Rob Hopkins at the recent RESOLVE conference in London http://resolve.sustainablelifestyles.ac.uk/events/conferences/2011

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  8. Third Paradigm: 3P-012 Bad Money and Morbid Mortgages

    Compares Money and Debt to Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the Capitalism Cat in the Hat - these things are not good things. Reviews the books Bad Money by Kevin Phillips, Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller, and Slow Money by Woody Tausch.

    Examines the stock market and housing market collapse as symptoms of a socially-transmitted disease gone global. Discusses the animated video called "Money as Debt" by Paul Grignon. Also delves into the positive side of the economic crisis, with Backyards Without Borders, Farm Party Crews, and carnivore co-ops. Presents ideas on growing new farmers and celebrates sustainable nuts.

    Local spin: Presents ideas from Woody Tausch’s author event at NextSpace, and from The Future of Local Food, organized by Transition SC. Discusses ideas for involving local HS students in food production - including a Sustainability Summer Camp, an "embedded" charter school, and alternative credentials to academia. The conversation will continue at Strengthening the Roots at UCSC President’s Day weekend. Also mentions Jordan McKay, UCSC graduate killed in September, and his microfinance legacy.

    Read the show transcript while listening, and view our images, videos, and links on the Third Paradigm website:


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