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  1. The Lark In The Strand

    Shannon Heaton teaches this lovely jig, breaking the tune down into short phrases.


    From http://www.mattandshannonheaton.com/totm.html

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  2. Banish Misfortune and Sliabh Russell

    Two jigs on concertina, guitar and bouzouki.

    From http://www.baconworks.com/archives/998

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  3. Letting loose the major

    Sex, violence and trad music in this poem by Jonathan Lynn.


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  4. The Glen Road to Carrick

    Fiddler Paul O’Shaughnessy goes in search of his musical roots.

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  5. The Star of Munster/The Wise Maid

    A set of reels recorded in The Banshee in Boston on 2009-02-03.

    From http://bostonsession.blogspot.com/2009/02/banshee-02-03-09.html

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  6. First Kitchen Session 2009

    A session at Paddy Queally’s in Fanore.

    From http://ragandbone.ie/?p=180

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  7. Jigs

    From Celbridge, Co. Kildare, 2008 All-Ireland senior duet champions Gearóid and Seán Keane on concertina and fiddle play a selection of jigs ending with “Dingle David”.

    From: http://comhaltas.ie/music/detail/comhaltaslive_282_3_gearoid_and_sean_keane/

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  8. The Providence and The Hare’s Paw

    Concertina player Caítlin Ní Gabhann is joined by Anne Marie Grogan on concert flute and Ailish Carolan on fiddle for a set of reels recorded at the annual Mullahoran Concert, Co. Cavan in 2007.

    From: http://comhaltas.ie/music/detail/comhaltaslive_254_3_mullahoran_concert_trio/

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  9. The Dawn / Music in the Glen

    From the “Echoes of Erin 2008” Comhaltas Tour CD, piper James Mahon plays the reels, “The Dawn” and “Music in the Glen”.

    This selection of reels tunes were recorded by Leo Rowsome in London on the 27th July 1947.


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  10. Fred Finn’s reel

    From http://irishflute.podbean.com/

    A nice bit of flute playing from a site that’s packed with recordings of tunes. Most of them are played one time ‘round at a slow pace before being subsequently being played at a fair clip.

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