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  1. Adam Savage Interviews Tom Sachs - The Talking Room - YouTube

    Tom Sachs is a New York-based sculptor, artist, and maker of wonderful things. His works include meticulously detailed foam core architecture and Space Progr…


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  2. Drupal 8 + Symfony - “This is what open source is all about” | Acquia

    Part 1 of 2 - I spoke with Richard Miller and Tom Kitchin, software engineers at SensioLabs UK and its parent company Inviqa respectively, via a Google Hangout on Air recently. I wanted to learn more about PHP and Symfony from their perspective and how they think the Drupal 8 and Symfony2 are going to affect each other. In part 2, I learn the inside story on one of the first Drupal 8 sites online, www.sensiolabs.co.uk, what their goals were and how they built it and have kept it running since May 2013, and how Drupal 8 will change the way they design applications for clients going forward.

    https://www.acquia.com/resources/podcasts/acquia-podcast-132-drupal-symfony-what-open-source-is-about?utm_source=The Weekly Drop

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  3. In NCAA Finals, Two Recent Champions On Unlikely Rides : NPR

    The Kentucky Wildcats and the Connecticut Huskies take the court in Monday’s NCAA men’s college basketball final. NPR’s Tom Goldman talks to Melissa Block about what to watch for in the game.


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  4. Ember interview with Tom Dale, a Robust Framework | Episode 003 | Funny Ant

    Interview with Tom Dale, who helped create EmberJs a Robust Framework


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  5. Quest For Peace Ep. 4 - Tom Merritt Interview 3-2-14 | GFQ Network

    Tom Merritt joins us to talk about what makes him happy, how to handle being intense, and taking on your fears when it comes to being happy.



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  6. Dungeon World: The Adventure Begins! | RPPR Actual Play

    Two big things:

    1) You get xp every time you fail a roll, which is really important to remember. Pretty sure most of the party should have levelled as of this adventure, certainly Aaron.

    2) Fiction first. The players need to describe what they’re doing, then the GM decides what move if any is triggered. Mostly you guys were pretty good about this but there were quite a few combat rolls and Discern Realities that were just announced and maybe backfilled with what was actually being done after. It’s a little hard to remember when you’re used to D&D or..well, a lot of other games really. But it’s important.

    Other than that, awesome stuff. I hope more is on the way! (And I’d be interested to see what you guys would make of Apocalypse World proper.)


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  7. RSA - The Capitalist’s Dilemma

    Clayton M. Christensen is Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and author of "The Innovator’s Dilemma".


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  8. On The Road To The Self-Driving Car | On Point with Tom Ashbrook (NPR)

    No more dumb cars, the Federal government decreed this week. Or at least, no mute cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday it will soon require all new cars to talk to one another. Share location, speed, direction and more, electronically. Vehicle-to-vehicle – “V2V” – communication. Right behind that comes the next frontier: self-driving cars. First they talk to one another, next they drive themselves. The auto industry, Google, and the law are all gearing up. This hour On Point: on the road to the world of the self-driving car.

    Source: http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/02/05/self-driving-cars-google-x-computers

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  9. 17: Tom Jackson Helps You Create Moments Audiences Will Never Forget

    Tom JacksonFound yourself at the front of the room, looking in discomfort at the crowd, and swallowing hard?

    When you don’t know where to look or where to move, dazzling an audience is the last thing on your mind.

    In today’s discussion, Tom Jackson has practical tips that can help you turn all of that around and empower you to comfortably communicate to audiences without compromising who you are.

    Note: he’s taught recording artists like Taylor Swift how to do these very things during concerts.

    You’ll Want to Hear Tom’s Insights

    Live Music Producer Tom Jackson, works with A-list recording artists on mastering the stage through his company Tom Jackson Productions. He coaches them on where to move, where to look, and how to create moments that audiences will never forget.

    These are the very things that will help you elevate your presentation skills.

    In addition to working with top recording artists, Tom has been involved in super-cool charity work that’s raised almost $1.5 billion (yes, billion) for international adoption, women’s issues, poverty, environmental issues, world hunger, and children’s rights.

    You can read about that here.

    What Tom Had To Say

    • The secret to immediately impressing your audience.

    • Where to find your confidence and authority.

    • How to tap into your natural source of charisma.

    • Are you married to your audience or dating them?

    • Connecting and building rapport with audiences.

    Click play for the awesomeness…

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download

    Three Things…

    1. Answer this question—what have been your specific stage presence struggles when speaking? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below.

    2. Who would you like to see interviewed? What topic do you wants answers on? To let me know what you’re thinking, send me an email.

    3. If you found anything in this discussion worthwhile, please share a link with someone. You can easily do that here.

    Enjoyed this chat? Sign up for free updates!


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  10. PodKast: Moffat’s “Plot Holes” & The Value of Missing Doctor Who Episodes | Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews

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