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  1. Sign Up for the Carol Corps on This Week in Marvel NOW! with Kelly Sue DeConnick | News | Marvel.com

    The writer talks about the evolution of Carol Danvers, new challenges, new settings and much more!


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  2. Lierre Keith: The Vegetarian Myth, How Agriculture Made Us Sick, and How to Save the World | Fat-Burning Man

    This week’s show is with one impressive woman, Lierre Keith. Lierre has been a highly requested guest for a while now. This show is going to show you exactly why.


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  3. Comics Squee — Kelly Sue Deconnick

    In Which Our Guest: Kelly Sue DeConnick, comic book writer and creator, joins us to talk about comics… 1) Afterlife with Archie by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Francesco Francavilla 2) Sunny by Taiyo Matsumoto 3) The Deep: Here There Be Dragons by Tom Taylor & James Brouwer 4)

    Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell 5) Question Time: What’s Your Favorite Giant Monster Title 6) What we’re looking forward to next

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  4. Issues #28: The Tick vs. Issues

    Mike and Ed discuss Ben Edlund’s The Tick. Topics include Edlund’s 12 issue run, the animated and live action shows, a million-zillion ninjas, and SPOON!


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  5. Etiquette Talk with Nathan Edmondson

    Podcast used GUEST!  It’s super effective!

    This episode is brought to you by Wizard’s Comics, home of the best deal on comics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Check out their website for a list of the week’s new releases and information on upcoming Magic, The Gathering tournaments, and watch their Twitter account for news and announcements about the shop and its stuff.  You can even use their website to buy digital comics!  

    Episode 112 – Etiquette Talk with Nathan Edmondson

    This week, the boys sit down with Nathan Edmondson, the writer of Black Widow and The Punisher for Marvel Comics and the upcoming graphic novella Genesis, coming in April from Image Comics.  The conversation ranges from contrasting Natasha Romanova to James Bond, to finding the humanity in Frank Castle, to working on a very different type of book in Genesis.  Along the way, Nathan and the hosts also talk about professional etiquette vis-a-vis Twitter, and how social media is changing the way we engage with movies.  Finally, Nathan becomes not the first person to ask James why he’s hitched his wagon to the Chicago Cubs.

    Find Nathan online at:

    Twitter: @nathanedmondson

    Web: Nathan Edmondson dot com

    Download the episode here or subscribe through iTunes.  If you want to subscribe the old-fashioned way, insert the following text into your audio program of choice (in iTunes, click “Advanced,” then click “Subscribe to Podcast”):


    You can also find all the episodes to date on Libsyn’s site here.

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  6. Roderick on the Line, Ep. 106: “Nürburgring Confirmation”

    The Problem: There’s no lucky fun.


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  7. On the Bad Vicarage, by Mr. Frank Key, read by Walter O’Hara

    “The vicarage is bad indeed, as bad as any vicarage in Christendom. But the vicar whose sinecure it is is, shall we say, a fair to middling vicar. I would not call him good, but he is by no means as bad as the Bad Vicar of old.”

    http://misternizz.wordpress.com (third point of singularity) http://misternizz.podbean.com (airy persiflage)

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  8. The Incomparable #64: Ghosts Cause Cancer

    Posted Sunday, October 30, 2011

    When you want to get in the Halloween spirit, who you gonna call? Join us in celebrating 1984’s supernatural comedy classic, "Ghostbusters." Are ghosts a serious environmental hazard requiring the intervention of the EPA? Why do the Ghostbusters transform from college professors into blue-collar plumbers when they put on their jump suits? Is Roasted Terror Dog with Human Nougat the worst candy ever devised? And which one of our panelists attended a cat-themed bat mitzvah in the same ballroom destroyed by the Ghostbusters?

    Show Link



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  9. The Web Ahead #66: Web Components with Peter Gasston

    Web Components seem to be taking the JavaScript community by storm. The three parts of this technology give developers a chance to define their own HTML elements, adjust the defaults, and share with others. Learn about it all from Peter Gasston.


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  10. The Incomparable #42: 42

    Posted Monday, May 30, 2011

    Do you know where your towel is? Are you a hoopy frood? Have you just consumed your fifth Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? We have. And you’d better catch up. In honor of our 42nd podcast and the recent Towel Day, The Incomparable celebrates the life and work of Douglas Adams. We feature our special guest, Yoz Grahame, who worked for Adams’ The Digital Village, the producers of Web sites such as h2g2.com (a precursor to Wikipedia of sorts).

    Show Link



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