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  1. Are the Kids on the Internet Alright After All?

    There is widespread distress about the dangers faced by young people on the Internet. A crackdown on digital social networking might be exactly the wrong


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  2. The Hour of the Stranger

    The teenage years have long been seen as a tumultuous time - and with puberty now kicking in earlier, and adulthood starting later, adolescence is lasting longer than ever before. What’s the deeper role of adolescence in the life cycle of an individual? What experiences promote mental and emotional growth during adolescence? And how might spirituality contribute to the expression of adolescent identity?

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  3. Horse and hound 2 | This time it’s personal

    It’s Newcastle in the 90s and before Mantis and Jennie met they were both awkward and in some way isolated. This is a story about two teenage girls in love. But can these intense sorts of friendships last?


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  4. Teens and Tech “Discerning the Evil”

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  5. Teens and Tech “Disciplining your Communication”

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  6. Teens and Tech “Defending your Heart”

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  7. A Second Look at The Hunger Games - Text Messages:Recommendations for Teen Readers

    Episode 48 - A Second Look at The Hunger Games (via ReadWriteThink blog) With a new movie version of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins’ story of a dystopian world where children are forced to fight to the death on live television is set to reach an even broader audience. Tune in to hear about the seeds for The Hunger Games story, themes that distinguish the series as an important work of literature, and what the books have to offer teen readers.

    Text Messages - Host: Jennifer Buehler, Podcast for Grades 6 – 12 Text Messages is a monthly podcast providing families, educators, out-of-school practitioners, and tutors reading recommendations they can pass along to teen readers. Each episode will feature in-depth recommendations of titles that will engage and excite teen readers.

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  8. The teenage Brain

    Dr. David Bainbridge talks about how the teen brain changes and the implications

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  9. Savage Love episode 178

    It’s the gay teen episode!

    Dan wants you to give these folks a jingle: Teresa McNeece — superintendent tmcneece@itawamba.k12.ms.us phone (662)862-2159 Ext. 14

    Principal Trae Wiygul twiygul@itawamba.k12.ms.us (662)862-3104

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  10. The Silverstone Panel on Digital Natives: A Lost Tribe?

    Speakers: Professor David Buckingham, Ranjana Das, Dr Chris Davies, Professor Sonia Livingstone, Dr Rebecca Willet Chair: Charlie Beckett

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