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  1. Buzz Out Loud 1537: BOL, Quake Out Loud Edition (Podcast) | Buzz Out Loud Podcast - CNET Blogs

    On today’s show, an earthquake appears to be headed right for us, and all we can talk about is HP and WebOS some more! Plus, Lenovo’s baffling decision to drop the ThinkPad Tablet into the marketplace at $500, when fire-sale frenzy is at its peak. Um. Oops. And would Apple risk fragmenting the iPhone in order to get into emerging markets? We’ll see. Oh, and quick hicks! Read this blog post by Molly Wood on Buzz Out Loud Podcast.


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  2. Buzz Out Loud 1536: TouchPad frenzy ignites the Internet (Podcast) | Buzz Out Loud Podcast - CNET Blogs

    HP has a winner on its hands, now that it’s killed off that particular winner. The Internetorati clamor to buy discounted TouchPads, while HP’s stock plummets 20 percent to a six-year low. So, Apotheker, who’s right? You or the geeks? Also, Facebook finds out once again that censorship is hard, and the real reason aliens want to kill us: we’ll ruin the entire galaxy if we get off this rock! Read this blog post by Molly Wood on Buzz Out Loud Podcast.


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  3. Buzz Out Loud 1535: HP: WebOS? What WebOS? (Podcast) | Buzz Out Loud Podcast - CNET Blogs

    If you stood by believing all of HP’s grand proclamations about standing by WebOS and supporting it to the end, you’re finding out the hard way that love really does hurt. A lot. Plus, we discuss whether HP really can make it in the post-PC world, and whether this was or wasn’t the best week Microsoft has had in a long time. Also, we invent the Mail Truck Alternative to waiting 8 days for online TV, dish out some love advice on Computer Love, and find out why ‘kids’ is apparently a dirty word. Read this blog post by Molly Wood on Buzz Out Loud Podcast.


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