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  1. Third Paradigm: 3P-034 Confusion in the Cosmovision

    Replays an excerpt of an interview with Tupac Enrique Acosta called Wars of the Petropolis. Shows why the indigenous alliance of the Abya Yala looks at the culture of disposable resources as a confusion in the cosmovision. Reports on the latest news of the return of President Zelaya to Honduras, and the Cobra swarm snipers, thousands of heavily-armed soldiers, and 200,000 citizens that await him at the airport.

    Reads the poem Fire by Judy Brown, and seeker of truth by e.e.cummings, to the music of God is an Astronaut. Celebrates a local event called Food in the Hood benefiting the Amazonians through Red Ambiental Loretana, and Hondurans through Rights Action. Presents background research on Honduras regarding the School of the Americas, US military aid, sweatshop workers, and disappeared journalists. Relates the military coup in Honduras to the micro-coup at FRSC. Plays The Invisible Hand by Ethan Miller, Poison Trees by Devil Makes Three, and To a Little Radio by Chumbawumba.

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