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  1. Karen McGrane’s Closing Plenary at IA Summit 2013

    The IA Summit closing plenary tradition started in 2005 as a way to bring the Summit to an end withan inquisitive session looking to the future of our practice and practitioners. The selection criteria for the closing plenary speaker is simple but important: an interesting voice from within our community with something meaningful to say about the direction of the practice.


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  2. WPCentral Podcast - Windows Phone 8 and its future (w/ Special Guest: Paul Thurrott) | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    WPCentral Podcast Stream with the Official WPCentral App (opens Zune) Download it directly with this link Watch the HD video after the page break Subscribe on your Zune Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe directly to the Podcast feed with your favorite Podcatcher here Listen to it here with the flash player abov


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  3. Speaking at the World Domination Summit and Embracing the Unknown with Jodi Ettenberg

    For the entire three days of the World Domination Summit, I’d been following the #wds hashtag thinking, “I really should have been there!” And then I noticed a series of tweets about Jodi Ettenberg’s speech – all of theme were raving about her, so I emailed her right away. Fortunately for all of us, she agreed to subject herself to my interviewing prowess. Here are some of the highlights: How The Subject Matter of a Blog Can Evolve Leveraging Social Media to Create Change in the World How Jodi Got Invited to Speak at the World Domination Summit The Power of Small Informal Meetups How Twitter has Opened Up Several Freelance Opportunities Why You Need to be Willing to Deviate from Your Plan

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  4. More than a metaphor: Making places with information

    Conference: IA Summit 2011 Speaker(s): Andrea Resmini, Andrew Hinton, Jorge Arango Like building architects before them, information architects are creating the spaces in which people meet, transact, communicate, and learn. The spaces that IAs design are where many people will be spending a considerable part of their lives. A heady role!

    This session will explore relationship between information and architecture, taking seriously the phrase “the design of information spaces”. You’ll learn how place-making works as a design methodology, the importance of context on the design of an information space, and how to explain the value of IA in architectural terms that clients and colleagues can understand more clearly.


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  5. Closing Plenary | IA Summit Library


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  6. Ray Kurzweil, Glen Zorpette and John Horgan

    Ray Kurzweil and John Horgan debate whether a singularity is near or far.

    From: http://singinst.org/media/singularitysummit2008

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  7. Rapid Fire: Setting the Stage at Gov 2.0 Summit

    Open goverment data and software is being used to increase civic participation in a variety of ways. In this series of Rapid Fire talks from the Gov 2.0 Summit, five active practioners describe how openness in data and software is changing the way citizens consume data, organize themselves, and communicate with government.

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  8. Closing the gap between people’s online and real life social network – Paul Adams

    From IA Summit 2010:

    In the next few years, the most successful social media experiences will be the ones that understand how our offline and online worlds connect and interact. But our tools are still crude. The good news is that despite the complexity involved in understanding human relationships, we can study offline and online communication and create design principles to support what we find. In his presentation, Paul Adams speaks about what he has learned from over two years of research into people’s online and offline relationships.

    From http://www.boxesandarrows.com/view/ia-summit-10-day-2

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  9. You are (Mostly) Here: Digital Space & The Context Problem

    Andrew Hinton discusses the problem of context. He gives summary of how context changes our understanding of various objects - from art to photographs to territories. In the digital realm, he contends that we are actively creating context: "The Map creates the Territory." The result is a kind of context collapse that we don’t yet have the language or tools to deal with.

    He sees the creation of context and the creation of a language to describe it as one of the primary jobs of information architecture.

    The slides for this presentation are available on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/andrewhinton/thecontextproblem-presentation

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  10. Singularity Summit 2008: Nova Spivack - Collective Intelligence

    Nova Spivack explains collective intelligence and speculates about a coming global brain.


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