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  1. Thank You For Calling! 4: ComiXology Case Study

    A candid, behind-the-scenes look at ComiXology’s customer support story, from the early days to being the top-grossing non-game app on iOS.From taking empathy notes from Road House ("be nice") to handling server-crushing traffic to taking proactive steps along the way, you don’t have to care about comics to enjoy and appreciate the ComiXology story.SPONSORSSquarespace: everything you need to get started making a website. Use the offer code mentioned in the show (part of the show’s name) for 10% offTransporter: personal cloud storage that lives in your house. Use offer code ESN75 (through end of March 2014) to get Transporter Sync for $75 at FileTransporter.comPANELISTSDavid Steinberger, CEO/co-founderJohn D. Roberts, co-founderChip Mosher, VP Communications & MarketingMatt Kolowski, Customer Service ManagerSHOWNOTESIf you haven’t seen Road House, go watch it (Netflix/iTunes/Amazon), and learn the "three simple rules: One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three, be nice."ComiXology has a website, an iOS app, and an Android app.All four guests are on twitter: David Steinberger does a lot of the talking like a literal boss, John D. Roberts was made sad by insults about his widget, Chip Mosher is the man with all the stats, and poor ol’ Matt Kolowski is still having nightmares.Marvel 700 worked well after some constructive, soul-crushing learning.ComiXology issued a voluntary password reset for all customers recently due to a "non-critical" breach.ComiXology has to balance customer relations with partner relationships, allowing the right partner to respond to the issues they own, regardless of how frustrating something might be. In this respect, they’ve managed to walk a fine line like Balanchine dancers.Seriously, pain don’t hurt.


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  2. Amy Hempel - Dog of the Marriage - The Book Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Amy Hempel is celebrated all over the world as a short story writer who is among the best of the best. In her latest collection of short stories Dog of the Marriage Amy Hempel writes about the misfortunes and moments of revelation in people’s marriages and in their lives.


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  3. Radiolab: Words

    It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without words. But in this hour, we try to do just that.


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  4. Jan 22 2014 Part Two

    In this half hour, Chinese Canadians in BC debate a government apology for past wrongs, we follow a 1919 letter from Vulcan Alberta half way around the world and a Halifax historian brings us a tale of witchcraft.

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  5. Jan 22 2014 Part One

    In this half hour, Canadian teens selling sex on line, NWT woman saves four children from burning cabin, Newfoundland’s Susan Patten becomes one of the most powerful women in Canada, and a Saskatchewan soldier treks to the south pole…with Prince Harry.

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  6. Jan 15 2014 Part Two

    In this episode we visit Ol’ School Donuts in Halifax, meet two BC people short listed for the Mars One mission, hear a tale of survival in Saskatchewan and learn about the jump yip behaviour of the prairie dog.

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  7. Jan 15 2014 Part One

    In this episode, we meet a Newfoundland couple who got married during the black out, a Manitoba husband who camped out in his truck to buy his wife her dream lot, and learn about the reasons for the Hobbema name change in Edmonton.

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  8. HBM019: The Other One Percent — Here Be Monsters

    In 2006, Pete Brook moved from England to California to study the museum at San Quentin State Prison. Through his research, he learned of America’s first-in-the-world rates of incarceration inside of prisons that are largely hidden from view.In 2008, Pete began Prison Photography, a blog that dissects images of prisons and prisoners.This week’s show is about Pete Brook’s 2011 journey across America to interview photographers, criminologists, and, most of all, the prisoners of New York’s Sing Sing Correctional Facility.Look at photos from the Sing Sing Workshop by Tim Matsui.Here Be Monsters is now on Stitcher!Music: Phantom Fauna


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  9. EP437: A Rose for Ecclesiastes


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  10. The Love Story of the Incarnation « Together for Adoption

    0 Comments The Love Story of the Incarnation

    by Dan Cruver Published Feb 24, 2014Below is a sermon I had the privilege of preaching this last Sunday at Shannon Forest Presbyterian Church of Greenville, South Carolina.Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterGoogle +1


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