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  1. Sounding Out! Podcast #27: Interview with Jonathan Sterne

    This podcast provokes Jonathan Sterne to jam on the history of Sound Studies, critique the soundscape, and talk about MP3s. That said, it was really just a way to talk about his super-cool music projects (really, check them out!). Aaron Trammell interviews Jonathan Sterne, and digs deep into the questions at the core of our discipline.

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  2. Sounds Of The West - Audio Archive Is Largest In West

    Thousands of animal and ambient sounds from 11 western states have been recorded and archived in a digital library in Utah. While fascinating in their own right, sounds can also be used to track environmental change.

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  3. Science Friday Archives: Listening To Wild Soundscapes

    A new field of biology called ‘soundscape ecology’ has scientists recording all the sounds in a given habitat and listening for patterns and changes. Ecologist Bryan Pijanowski and bioacoustician Bernie Krause discuss what we can learn from listening to natural soundscapes.


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  4. Fireworks by Headrush

    Improvised scifi music by Sydney band, Headrush (Soner Sahan and Luke Bacon). Performed on guitars, recorded with a mobile phone July 2011.

    Find the artwork and download in other formats at http://headrush11.bandcamp.com/track/fireworks

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  5. Alder Hey’s Dawn Chorus

    Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, UK has called upon the skills of world leading sound recordist Chris Watson to introduce his beautiful wildlife recordings into the hospital soundscape.

    This short piece blends interview material with Chris Watson’s breath-taking birdsong recordings to explore the therapeutic use of sound amongst Alder Hey’s young patients.

    More information: http://onthenatureofthings.com/2011/12/22/birdsong-an-escape-from-the-noise/ http://onthenatureofthings.com/2011/03/30/alder-heys-dawn-chorus/

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  6. Chris Watson on Noise

    An interview with world leading sound recordist Chris Watson on the problems of noise, its threat to human health and its impact on the natural environment.

    More information: http://onthenatureofthings.com/2012/01/18/chris-watson-on-noise/

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  7. Cognitive Dissonance: Lightning in a Bottle

    What was the earliest sound ever recorded, or "bottled"? The First Sounds (FS) project, organized by a group of audio historians, scientists, and archivists, is dedicated to exploring these pioneering sounds, and sharing them with the world.

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