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  1. Alyssa Rhoden and the Rise of the Europa Underground | The Planetary Society

    Alyssa Rhoden studies Jupiter’s moon Europa…from a distance. She, many other scientists and millions of space exploration fans around the globe want to see a mission to this ice world that hides a vast, warm ocean. That’s why she and several colleagues have created Destination: Europa, and they want your help.


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  2. Bleeding Edge—NIAC Chooses 12 New Out There Projects | The Planetary Society

    They might be happy if one in ten of the projects they fund makes it in the real world…because that project just might change the world. We talk with Jay Falker, Program Executive for the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program about 12 crazy and not so crazy ideas that have just received early seed funding.


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  3. BBC Discovery: A Trip Around Mars with Kevin Fong - Part One

    The planet Mars boasts the most dramatic landscapes in our solar system. Kevin Fong embarks on a grand tour around the planet with scientists, artists and writers who know its special places intimately- through their probes, roving robots and imaginations. This first part of the journey includes Mars’ gargantuan volcanoes, an extreme version of Earth’s Grand Canyon and the cratered Southern Highlands where future explorers might find safety from the Red Planet’s deadly radiation environment.


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  4. Solar lanterns replace kerosene killers in Africa - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Kerosene lanterns are used for lighting across Africa. They result in poor health outcomes and loss of life due to accidents. An alternative is the cheap, highly efficient solar lantern. They provide better light, and remove the poor health outcomes of kerosene lamps. Jeremy Leggett describes a new model for aid where crowdfunding allows capital to be sourced to fund manufacture and distribution of lamps to poor people in Africa. Following early success, there is an ambitious plan to see the end of kerosene lamps by 2020.

    Jeremy Leggett, Founder and Chairman Solar Century and Solar Aid, London UK


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  5. Science Friday Audio Podcast

    New Program Spurs Solar Development on Public Land — The plan identifies 285,000 acres of public land in six Western states for solar energy projects.

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  6. Curious about Mars… - Naked Scientists Science Podcasts and Science Radio Shows

    Naked Scientists Podcast -5th Aug 2012 - Publishing early in recognition of the arrival on the red planet of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity Rover, this week we talk to members of the mission team, revisit some previous successful planetary explorations and hear how UK engineers have made it possible for Rovers to think for themselves. Plus, news of why planets orbit in a plane and whether elephants purr, or just hum…


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  7. After 35 Years, Voyager Nears Edge Of Solar System : NPR

    One of the twin space probes launched 35 years ago has traveled more than 11 billion miles from Earth. The Voyager probes were originally slated just to examine Jupiter and Saturn during a five-year trip.


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  8. Future is bright for high efficiency rooftop solar technologies | Beyond Zero Radio for Climate Solutions

    Beyond Zero’s Anthony and Matthew recap four recent interviews on rooftop solar technology - Tindo Solar, Solar Junction, Solarus and Tractile Solar.


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  9. CSIROpod > There’s always the sun?

    Australia has abundant solar energy resources, but until now there has been very little publicly available research on how the variable nature of sunshine affects electricity networks.


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  10. How ‘Space Weather’ Affects Planes And Power Grids

    This week solar flares sent a huge blast of X-rays and charged particles screaming towards the Earth. Solar astronomer David Hathaway and physicist Doug Biesecker discuss the sun’s explosive behavior, and how that ‘space weather’ affects satellites, airplanes and the electric grid.

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