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  1. The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo | /Film

    —Huffduffed by jamperphone 2 years ago

  2. The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. – Cowboys and Aliens, Comic-Con 2011, and Tintin Set Visit | /Film

    —Huffduffed by jamperphone 2 years ago

  3. Interview: Graham Yost, Creator and Executive Producer of Justified | /Film

    Dave Chen and Myles McNutt from Cultural Learnings interview Graham Yost about how he developed the third season of Justified. Graham discusses getting


    —Huffduffed by ZicklePop 2 years ago

  4. The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. – Re-Assessing Take Shelter (GUEST: Brandon Lee Tenney from Firstshowing) | /Film

    David chats with Brandon Lee Tenney from Firstshowing about your wildly differing interpretations to the ending of Take Shelter.Be sure to listen to


    —Huffduffed by hugo 2 years ago

  5. The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. – Post-Oscars Beat Down (GUEST: Matt Singer from Indiewire) | /Film

    In this bonus episode, David Chen and Adam Quigley chat with Matt Singer from Indiewire about their reactions to the 84th annual Academy Awards. Who was


    —Huffduffed by maxjacobson 2 years ago

  6. The JustifiedCast S3E06 – When the Guns Come Out (GUEST: Myles McNutt from Cultural Learnings) | /Film

    Dave Chen chats with Myles McNutt from Cultural Learnings about this season’s sixth episode, When the Guns Come Out. As we come up to the halfway


    —Huffduffed by bananaslugdiva 2 years ago

  7. The /Filmcast: After Dark – Ep. 173 – The Favorite and The Best (GUEST: Joanna Robinson from Pajiba) | /Film

    The /Filmcast: After Dark is a recording of what happens right after The /Filmcast is over, when the kids have gone to bed and the guys feel free to speak


    —Huffduffed by maxjacobson 2 years ago

  8. The JustifiedCast S3E02 – Cut Ties (GUEST: Maureen Ryan from Huffington Post) | /Film

    Dave Chen chats with TV critic Maureen Ryan about this week’s Justified. How well do Carla Gugino and Mykelti Williamson fare in their introductory episode


    —Huffduffed by maxjacobson 2 years ago

  9. A Conversation with Errol Morris on the Nature of Truth, Photography, and Documentary | /Film

    Director Errol Morris has made a career out of solving mysteries, which comes as no surprise since the man used to be a private detective. Whether he was


    —Huffduffed by maxjacobson 2 years ago

  10. The JustifiedCast S3E01 – The Gunfighter (GUEST: Myles McNutt from AV Club) | /Film

    The JustifiedCast is a weekly recap podcast featuring reflections, theories, praise, nitpicking, and wanton speculation about the FX show Justified. In the


    —Huffduffed by maxjacobson 2 years ago

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