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  1. In January 1984, Nina Totenberg and Clem Taylor…

    In January 1984, Nina Totenberg and Clem Taylor discussed whether jogging shoes were set to replace high heels. This is my favorite quote from the piece: “ Today, the jogging shoe has eclipsed the…


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  2. How did heels become part of fashion? When and why did women start wearing heels? : AskHistorians

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  3. Zane Lowe Podcast: Plan B, Alex Turner, Blood Red Shoes

    Zane Lowe podcast features Plan B taking it back to the street, Alex Turner talks about the Arctic Monkeys continuing US tour, Blood Red Shoes chat about their incredible Maida Vale session.


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  4. Elements of a Sustainable Runner

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  5. Study: Humans Were Born To Run Barefoot

    Humans are excellent two-legged walkers. It’s one of the things that make us such successful creatures. And there are some scientists who say we’re naturally born runners as well, that our bodies evolved to run. Now, anthropologist Dan Lieberman, one of the proponents of the "human runner" school, concludes that we do it better without shoes.

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