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  1. Tiny Museum Preserves Proof Of Creators’ Crazy Stories : NPR

    Housed in an old elevator shaft off a Manhattan alleyway, the Museum’s 18 small shelves hold random objects like bootleg Sharpies and prison dice made of bread. Co-creator Josh Safdie says the Museum’s roots lie in its founders’ outlandish stories.


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  2. The Shaft: The Shaft 33: Minecraft Teacher

    This week we are joined by Joel the Minecraft Teacher! We peek into the plans and schemes of this devious subversive as he cruelly indoctrinates at least 30 kids into the twisted world of non-violent computer games. This is an episode you talk about with your grandchildren… as they will likely be the only ones who think the immature humor around here is any good.

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  3. The Shaft: The Shaft 56: The Ghost of Minecraft Past

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