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  1. M-Unition Podcast Series: Richard Bejtlich Interviews Ben Rothke

    M-unition- The Ammunition You Need to Find Evil and Solve Crime


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  2. Security Now 446: iOS Security

    Snowden’s SXSW appearance, SQRL coming in 34 languages, the deepest look yet into Apple’s iOS security, and more!


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  3. Security Now! - Episode 303, Haystacks

    Steve shares something of a revelation about the true nature of passwords and why “password entropy” really doesn’t matter as much as has long been believed. He explains, therefore, how it’s possible for passwords to be both memorable AND impossible to crack at the same time.

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  4. Security Now! - Episode 297, Pass-Sentences??

    After catching up with a number of extra-interesting security news of the week, Steve and Leo explore the recently raised suggestion that using a three word "pass-sentence" such as “I like tomatoes” would be MORE secure (and far more memorable) than "J4f6<2". Short sentences are certainly easier to remember… but more secure?

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  5. Security Now! - episode 351, Three Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    After catching up with the week’s news and Twitter feedback, Leo and I closely examine three remote cloud storage solutions whose Crypto was done COMPLETELY right, Offering full TNO (Trust No One) security. And one of them makes me (Steve) wish I were a Mac user!

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  6. Security Now! - episode 374, ECC - Elliptic Curve Cryptography

    After catching up with the week’s most important security news, Leo and I wind up our propeller-cap beanies, right to the breaking point of their springs, in order to obtain enough lift to examine and explore the operation of ECC - Elliptic Curve Cryptography - the next-generation public key cryptography technology.

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  7. Security Now! - episode 392, The Internet Underworld

    We first converse with today’s special guest, Brian Krebs, who for many years wrote for the Washington Post and is now publishing his own “Krebs on Security” blog. Our topic is “The Internet Underground.” After that, we catch up with a somewhat busy and interesting week in Internet security.

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  8. Security Now! - episode 396, The Telnet-pocalypse

    This week was so chockful of things to discuss that we had no time to explore the fascinating technology and operation of Distributed Hash Tables. That discussion will be “tabled” for two weeks. This week, we look more closely into the somewhat troubling issues of SSL/TLS server security as revealed by SSLLabs.com, discuss the SWAT team arriving at Brian Krebs’s home, examine the consequences of the revelation that 420 million routers are accepting trivial logins on their Telnet ports, and more!

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  9. Security Now! Episode 416 - Black Hat 2013, TOR, and more

    With last week’s Las Vegas Black Hat 2013 and DEFCON conferences just completed, Leo and I examine the most significant and worrisome revelations to emerge from that annual convocation, and also discuss and dissect the week’s top security news.

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  10. Security Now! Episode 420 - Bitmessage

    After catching up with a lot of interesting security news, Leo and I examine the operation and technology of the new Bitmessage secure and anonymous Internet messaging system.

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