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  1. Arthur C. Clarke

    A fortnightly biography of an intriguing individual from British history. Each episode in the podcast is a biography selected from the Oxford DNB - the authoritative collection of more than 56,000 lives of men and women from around the world who have shaped Britain’s history.


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  2. KCRW To the Point Law Enforcement

    Will ‘wide-area surveillance’ and ‘facial recognition,’ developed for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, make America safer? Do they threaten the right to


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  3. Audioboo / Medical Student Podcast Special Edition - Ben Goldacre

    Ben Goldacre answers your questions. 00:12 Affect of big data on medicine. 2:18 How med students can change pharma industry. 3:25 What culture change is needed to change bad medicine?


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  4. The New And The Next: Making Math And Microscopes More Accessible : NPR

    From popularizing a feared subject to scaling down high-tech tools, here are two examples of experts solving complicated problems with simplicity.


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  5. Radiolab - Games

    Winners, losers, underdogs — what can games tell us about who we really are?


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  6. Radiolab - Loops

    The surprising ways that loops steer…and sometimes derail…our lives.


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  7. On Point: Neil Gaiman’s Newest ‘Overture’

    Norman Mailer called it “a comic strip for intellectuals.” Best-selling author Neil Gaiman joins us with his dark, new series on the origins of “The Sandman.”

    “The only people who inveigh against escape are jailers,” J.R.R. Tolkien famously said. The world’s premier artist of escapism today may be Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman wrote “The Sandman,” the dark, epic fantasy praised by connoisseurs as the greatest comic book – 75 issues long – ever written. He’s heaped with sci-fi and horror prizes – the Hugo, the Nebula, the Bram Stoker – but also with children’s prizes, the Newbery and more. He’s a literary rock star who also takes the stage – and mines our deep, dark veins. Up next On Point: storytelling rock star, Neil Gaiman.


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  8. BBC Culture Studio Picks - Neil Gaiman

    Neil Gaiman, multi-award winning popular author, talks to Janice Forsyth about his latest book The Ocean at the End of the Lane, comics, graphic novels, Edinburgh, Doctor Who and much more.


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  9. AISFP 253 – Jamie Todd Rubin, BEYOND THE SUN

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 46:31 — 42.7MB)

    Brent Bowen caught up with science fiction writer and Evernote ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin at last year’s Worldcon. They discuss how wearable tech and Evernote can improve a writer’s life, Jamie’s quest to write everyday (now 396 days out of 398), and his work including his short story, “Flipping The Switch”, in the recent anthology, Beyond the Sun. Also, watch for his forthcoming short ”Big Al Shepard Plays Baseball on the Moon” and regular column, “The Science of Wonder” on InterGalactic Medicine Show.

    Some posts by Jamie in his “Going Paperless” column as Evernote ambassador:

    Rerun: A Closer Look at How I Organize My Notes in Evernote (December 17, 2013)

    A Primer for Going Paperless in 2014 (November 26, 2013)

    My Annotated Notebook and Tag Structure in Evernote (January 30, 2013)

    4 Ways I Use Evernote in My Freelance Writing (August 6, 2013)



    Brent Bowen

    Co-Host, Interviewer and Producer

    Turned onto reading at an early age–the product of bible stories given as punishment for stealing candy from a drug store–Brent Bowen devours books of all genres. And though Samson and Delilah is still one of his favorites, he would prefer to blend mysticism with archeologist canines and plasma armor. Since then, Brent’s first paid, published story was a tweet, and he’s studied at the 2009 Viable Paradise XIII writer’s workshop. Learn more about Brent and his work at Split Legend. You also can follow Brent on Twitter.

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  10. Stormlight Archive: talk with editorial assistant

    In this episode of Tor.com’s podcast Rocket Talk, Justin Landon is joined by Tor.com’s own Stormlight Archive maven Carl Engle-Laird to talk about Brandon Sanderon’s latest release in that series.


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