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  1. Wood Talk #157 – Beat Your Bag! | The Wood Whisperer

    Festool MFT in place of the table saw, clamp times, purchasing a chisel set, dealing with a cupped table top, denatured alcohol and food-safe shellac, and keeping the upper bag of a dust collector caked with dust, on purpose?


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  2. Wood Talk #164 – Going for the Jugular | The Wood Whisperer

    When its safe to remove a blade guard and riving knife, resawing to conserve wood, making a wooden plane and shooting board, your first workbench, buying stock in the rough, and disposing of old power tools.


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  3. Paul Jaminet: Safe Starches, Fecal Transplants, and Good News for Wine Lovers

    Today’s show is with the brilliant Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet and perfecthealthdiet.com. After having Paul on the show a few months


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  4. Paul Jaminet: The Perfect Health Diet, Safe Starches, and Intermittent Fasting

    Today we’re here with Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet and the wildly-popular perfecthealthdiet.com. In this much-anticipated interview, we


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  5. 5by5 | Latest in Paleo #64: Paul Jaminet, Perfect Health Diet

    5by5 - Latest in Paleo #64: Paul Jaminet, Perfect Health Diet


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  6. Better to blow up an Earth-bound Asteroid? - Naked Scientists Science Podcasts and Science Radio Shows

    Naked Scientists Podcast -15th Jul 2012 - Should we blow up objects on a collision course with Earth? Or will they do less damage left intact? More importantly, is there a gene for hating marmite? And what makes copper such a good conductor? How would a caveman cope in modern society? What’s the secret to how balls spin in sport, and why does wrapping vaccines and antibiotics in silk make them last longer. Plus, why physics says Batman’s cape won’t work…


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  7. Pop Culture Geek Podcast #19 – Free Comics Day, Statham’s Safe, and Texting at the Movies | Pop Culture Geek .com

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  8. NSFW48

    Tim und Holgi

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  9. XFM Breakfast Podcast: Danny Wallace meets Denzel Washington

    Danny Wallace of the XFM breakfast show meets the Safe House star Denzel Washington in a swanky London hotel…


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