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  1. SWR2 Forum: Im Notfall Ritalin – - SWR2 :: Programm :: Sendungen A-Z :: Forum | SWR.de

    Wie gehen wir mit auffälligen Kindern um? Es diskutieren: Christopher Lauer, Sprecher der Piratenpartei im Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus, ADHS-Betroffener Dr. Klaus Skrodzki, Kinder- und Jugendarzt, ADHS-Experte Prof. Dr. Christoph Türcke, Philosoph, Leipzig Gesprächsleitung: Martin Durm


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  2. NPR On-Point: Mind-Enhancers for All?

    Attention-deficit drugs like Adderall and Ritalin have helped millions of ADHD kids get along. For a new generation, they’ve also fed a black market in college dorms and high-pressure labs, where off-label use by the non-ADHD gets term papers written and lab reports done.

    Now, pharmaceutical companies — and some scientists — are saying maybe we should consider “cognitive enhancers,” drugs like these, for the general population.

    Some call it “cosmetic neurology,” and say it’s time. Others say it’s a bad, bad idea.

    This hour, On Point: The debate over drugs for the mind.

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