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  1. Special Issue: Captain America Writer Steve Englehart  | Comic Book Podcast

    Interview with writer Steve Englehart. The man who brought back the Cap of the 50’s gives us an inside look at Marvel and his idea of who Captain America.


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  2. Double Oddio Goodness Week! Nick Fury & Captain America United!

    This week, the League celebrates Captain America: The Winter Soldier being number one at the box office, and number one in our hearts, with two classic Oddio Comic re-posts!

    In the first Oddio, Nick Fury and his witty remarks take on Hydra, who unfortunately strip him and tie him down for some… torture. yeah, that’s it. In the second classic Oddio, the Red Skull forces Captain America to do his bidding for 24 hours. What evil will the Skull make Cap do? One can never know, but it does get Cap cheesed off!

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  3. 419 - 02/02/14 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Interview with Josh Renaud of BreakIntoChat.com About BBS Door Games - The Bobby Blackwolf Show - Voice of Geeks Network

    This is all about online games before you even realized there was an online.

    We talk with Josh Renaud, proprietor of Break Into Chat, to talk about Bulletin Board Systems and their asynchronous multiplayer games that were the precursor to today’s social games.

    We talk about how online worked back in the day, define some terms that might be thrown about, and talk about the general culture of the BBS scene.

    After the interview, there is a little bit of personal information regarding the latest weather event to hit Atlanta, and what the REAL story should be, rather than the one that’s making headlines.


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  4. Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 73: A Review of Red Light Properties and The Fuse #1 | Comics Alternative Podcast

    Creamy Comix

    This week on the podcast Derek is joined by Andy Wolverton, yet another doctor who talks about comics…and a regular reviewer on The Comics Alternative blog. They review two new titles: Dan Goldman’s Red Light Properties (IDW Publishing) and issue #1 of Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood’s new Image series, The Fuse. First, the Two Guys jump into Goldman’s latest work, which originally appeared in digital format through MonkeyBrain Comics. They discuss one of the book’s greatest strengths, the author’s handling of the human drama underlying this “horror” story — what Andy calls a mix between Ghostbusters and American Beauty – as well as Goldman’s digital art and his unique approach to visual storytelling. Next, Derek and Andy turn to the first issue of The Fuse, focusing on the title’s mash-up of procedural and science fiction narratives. While mixing detective stories with other genres is nothing new — Brubaker and Phillips’s Fatale is perhaps the best recent example here of another such comic — Johnston and Greenword present The Fuse as something fresh, making it one of the promising new series from Image Comics.

    Be sure to read these and other books by the creators discussed on this podcast:

    This week’s incidental music is brought to you byThe Tornados, Ray Parker, Jr., Vic Mizzy, and Supergrass





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  5. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Cane and Rinse 95

    James, Darren and Karl avoid the infra-red cameras to give us their thoughts regarding the third game of the ongoing Splinter Cell series.


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  6. Food Safety Talk 52: A Keene epidemiologist — Food Safety Talk

    The guys started the show dreaming about a Red Mac Pro. They then turned to the passing of Bill Keene. Bill has been mentioned in various FST episodes and was a well respected epidemiologist as seen in the articles by the Oregonian and Doug Powell. The guys then turned to their beverages, Coffee Club, Napoleon Dynamite, Homeland, and Car Talk. Ben shared his preference for Aussie Rule football and Arcade Fire’s album Reflektor. The conversation then turned to Don’s limited iPhone music library, Privateering and Dire Straights, which reminded Ben of Money for Nothing and WWE Wrestling (not WWF Wrestling). To finish they talked about Christmas music, Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs, Coulton and Roderick’s One Christmas at a Time and Horrible Christmas songs.Ben confused IAFP’s History with Bug Trivia and shared Julian Cox’s information about the 1960’s, and this evolved into a broader discussion about the IAFP and its membership.The discussion then turned back to Bill Keene and some of the outbreaks he had been involved in. This included a Salmonella Panama outbreak (not to be confused with Van Halen’s Panama), which was the first outbreak that was solved through the innovative use of supermarket loyalty cards and that Bill and others were sued for (the lawsuit was eventually dropped.. The guys then discussed outbreak investigation in some detail and that public health officials are damned if they do and damned if they don’t name commodities and suppliers. There is of course always a risk of getting the epidemiology wrong, as was the case with Salmonella Saintpaul in peppers. Finally, Bill’s investigation of a Norovirus outbreak reminded Ben of a recent Norovirus outbreak in Las Vegas.Then Ben commented on an exchange with Chris Gunter, who was presenting on traceability for small producers at the 2013 Strawberry Expo. Chris’ presentation is based on the investigation of an E. coli O157 outbreak related to strawberries, in which Bill Keene played a part.In the after dark, the guys reflected on mortality and that we should all Enjoy Every Sandwich. And because they love him,  Rob Ford got a mention again and again.


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  7. Borderless 10: The Race to the Bottom | Borderless

    On this week’s episode of Borderless, Greg, Dave, Ben, Christy and special guest Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater Software, explore the race to the bottom, paying for apps, haters on Twitter, and more.

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    Borderless 10: The Race to the Bottom Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3)


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  8. Rooster Teeth Podcast #237 with Greg Miller


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  9. Wayne’s Comics #103: Gregg Taylor -

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  10. The Cromcast: A Weird Fiction Podcast - Episode 06 - The Pool of the Black One (Or, When Figurine Collecting Goes Too Far…)

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