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  1. Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in World of Warcraft : #138 - Convert to Raid: The Celestalon and Zarhym Interview!

    Convert to Raid #138 - Celestalon and Zarhym Interview!

    This week, Blizzard joins the CtR crew with Technical Game Designer Chadd Nervig (Celestalon) and Community Manager Jonathan Brown (Zarhym)! Over the course of two hours, the guys uncover more information about the Warlords of Draenor alpha.


    It doesn’t matter what role you play, or your class or spec. We’ve got something for everyone in this jam packed interview! Covered inside:

    • Garrisons

    • Scenarios and Challenge Modes

    • Raid encounters

    • Warlords Alpha basics and how it will roll out

    • New character models

    • Draenor Perks

    • Overall philosophies for tanking, healing and dps

    • Raid utility


    • More details on every single class!



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  2. The Smartest Football (3/6) — The Solid Verbal: Living College Football

    Ty and Dan talk with Chris Brown from SmartFootball.com about up-tempo offensive trends, the evolution of the Air Raid offense, Auburn’s switch to a 4-2-5 defense, the graduation of the read option to the pro game, the turnaround of Matt


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  3. Gabfest

    Become a fan of the Political Gabfest on Facebook. We post to the Facebook page throughout the week, so keep the conversation going by joining us there.


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  4. Panty Raid mix for XLR8R

    Panty Raid are Martin Folb (aka MartyParty) and Josh Mayer (aka Ooah - from The Glitch Mob) "With the group’s grimy dubstep working behind Jay-Z, Britney, Mims, and Lil Jon, there’s no doubt that these two can party like the best of them." Original link: http://dlrg.co.uk/panty-raid-mix

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  5. Zulu Foxtrot Sierra (ZFS) (RAID talk)

    The one where they talk about RAIDs http://www.pixelcorps.tv/macbreaktech_002


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