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  1. Radio Diaries: ‘My So-Called Lungs’

    Laura Rothenberg is 21 years old and she’s already had her mid-life crisis. Laura has cystic fibrosis, a lung and digestive disease, and she’s not expected to live far past age 30. Still, she fights for every year she can get. Monday on All Things Considered, hear "My So-Called Lungs" — Laura Rothenberg’s audio diary.(22:00) Laura’s audio diary features instrumental bits of three pieces of music: Green Day’s "Time of Your Life," Tom Waits’ "Long Way Home" and Iron and Wine’s "Faded Winter."


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  2. Radio Diaries » Blog Archive » Matthew and the Judge: Juvenile Court Diary

    We gave both Judge Jeremiah, a Rhode Island juvenile court judge, and Matthew, a 16-year-old repeat offender, tape recorders. Judge Jeremiah released Matthew early, for good behavior. Two weeks later, Matthew was arrested again for selling drugs. Through their diaries, Matthew and the judge tell the same story from two different sides of the bench.


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  3. Selma Koch, Bra Saleswoman from NPR: Radio Diaries Podcast

    94-year old Selma Koch runs the Town Shop, one of New York’s last old-style bra fitting shop. The Town Shop is a fourth-generation family business that emphasizes personal service and custom fitting. Selma still works every day alongside her son and grandson. Their motto: "We know your size."

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