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  1. HNpod 17: Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week, Personal Outsourcing, How to Name Your Startup with Dan DeFelippi, Premasagar Rose , and Steve Corona | HN Podcast

    Steven Corona: Blogger and CTO of TwitPic and author of Scaling PHP Book (http://scalingphpbook.com) and (http://stevecorona.com/).

    Dan DeFelippi: Founder of passive.ly LLC (driverdan.com) and (http://passive.ly/).

    Premasagar Rose: Currently a Social Web Apps Developer. He is also the Director at Dharmafly, the Founder at LARP and Async (http://dharmafly.com/), (http://l4rp.com/), (http://asyncjs.com/) and (http://premasagar.com/).

    Stories Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week Personal Outsourcing How to Name Your Startup

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  2. CBC Ideas: The Signal of Noise

    Once long past, listening gave clues for survival. Now we listen unconsciously, blocking noise and tuning in to what we want to hear. Yet the unwanted sounds we filter out tell us a lot about our environment and our lives. Broadcaster Teresa Goff listens for the messages in our walls of sound.

    As civilization has become more mechanized, more urbanized and more digitized, the amount of noise has increased in tandem. This noise, according to Garrett Keizer, author of The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book about Noise , "is a window for understanding some of the paradoxes and contradictions of being human." If you take the sum total of all sounds within any area, what you have is an intimate reflection of the social, technological, and natural conditions of that place.

    Hildegard Westerkamp, a founding member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, says that "Environmental sound is like a spoken word with each sound or soundscape having its own meanings and expressions." So when you listen to the noise, what does it have to tell you? "Noise is a pit of interpretation," says noise musician Brian Chippendale. Broadcaster Teresa Goff goes into the pit with her documentary, The Signal of Noise.

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  3. The last quiet place - Gordon Hempton

    Gordon Hempton says that silence is an endangered species. He defines real quiet as presence — an absence of noise. The Earth, as he knows it, is a “solar-powered jukebox.”

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    Talented collective Clean Bandit mix up rap, synths and Mozart in their live session recorded at Maida Vale; plus Loud And Quiet is this week’s Label Of Love - home to early Alt-J and Disclosure.


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  5. The 404 902: Where logical fallacies beg the question (podcast) | The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs

    If you had to guess, how many pages exist on the Internet, including advertisements and computer-generated articles? Google just gave The World Wide Web Foundation a million dollar grant to answer that question. Read this blog post by Justin Yu on The 404 Podcast.


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  6. Seed Stock guest podcast on My Castle of Quiet

    Black metal continues to be the one genre that demonstrates casual and consistent growth, its definitions and trappings existing seemingly only to be challenged and downright shot down, as what falls under its banner morphs and evolves…


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  7. Spark: Ben Fullerton on Design for Solitude (Full Interview)

    I’ve been thinking about the importance of solitude quite a lot, lately. Recently, I came across a talk given by Ben Fullerton, who is a director of user experience at Method Design, in San Francisco. In the talk, he argues that the default for designers is assuming that connection is good, and that maybe, instead, designers should think about how their work can support solitude, at least some of the time. Ben cited some examples of new ways of thinking about design to support values such as solitude and mindfulness, including former Spark guest, Jaron Lanier’s book, You Are Not a Gadget, and the upcoming Wisdom 2.0 conference. The conversation reminded me of an interview I did with William Deresiewicz, back in 2009. He argued that we may be losing our ability to be alone, in our ‘always on’ culture. I’d love to get your thoughts on how we might begin to think about designing for things like solitude and attention, instead of just connection.


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  8. AudioPorn Central -

    Plump DJs – the volcano coalition [mp3] Kelis VS The Beatles VS Plump DJs

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  9. Scoma: Voice III night

    “The audio piece centers on the thought of the integration of human voice in sonic context. Right now a series called „voices“ is work in progress, reflecting the ways of interaction between music/sonic textures and derivatives of the human voice.”

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  10. Mos Def - Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    OMG! Crossing fingers for more. This summer needs a new Mos soundtrack. From http://www.nialler9.com/2009/06/10/mos-defs-the-ecstatic-a-return-to-form/

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