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  1. Jonathan Snook Turns Writing into Speaking | Ladies in Tech

    Jonathan Snook joins us and talks about SMACSS, writing, workshops and more! Listen to hear about how Jonathan took an idea and expanded that idea into a book and series of workshops. Also find out his take on how to keep material fresh and interesting when you repeat information for different groups of people. To round things out, we’ll also ask Jonathan to tell us about when things at a conference went way unexpected and how he came out of that unscathed.


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  2. Stacey Mulcahy Takes us Behind the Scenes at Workshops | Ladies in Tech

    Ever wonder what it’s like to run a workshop? Speaking all day comes with a new set of rewards and challenges, find out more about those as Stacey Mulcahy joins us on the podcast. We’ll talk about how public speaking differs between all day workshops versus an hour-long talk. We’ll also talk about what makes a workshop successful, how to plan one, and how to come up with topics to speak about.

    Stacey Mulcahy is a Microsoft Technology Evangelist for Windows 8. She’s also really into physical computing – working with the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard and the Arduino.

    Stacey has spoken at over 45 events on a variety of topics that range from technical to workflow and process. Stacey has spoken at conferences like FITC in Toronto, Vancouver and Amsterdam, Reasons to be Creative, and Halifax Pop Explosion.


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  3. Jenn Downs is Still Standing Up | Ladies in Tech

    This week we welcome freelance UX consultant, Jenn Downs to the show. Jenn shares what she’s learned since her first talk and how she got started speaking. (She even wrote an article about it, too.) She tells us how important it is to watch yourself on video even if it sounds like the hardest thing ever, and how she got over her fear of public speaking to get up on stage.

    About Jenn

    For the past 6 years, Jenn Downs swung her way through the jungle at MailChimp from support to tech writing to UX Design Research. But in January of 2014 she was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and left MailChimp to start a family business. She is now the Business/Tech Manager for Carpenter Koby Downs in Atlanta. Never one to only do one thing at a time, Jenn is also a freelance UX and email marketing consultant and a mentor for Code for America. Outside of being web nerd, Jenn is also a songwriter and plays bass and guitar in a few bands in Atlanta.


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  4. Jason Santa Maria Opens a Typography Hotline | Ladies in Tech

    Jason Santa Maria shares with us some insight to how he approaches public speaking and shares some interesting thoughts on how he uses speaker notes.


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  5. Karen McGrane Is Thinking About Her Feet | Ladies in Tech

    Karen McGrane talks about how she got started in public speaking. How did she do it? With an email!


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  6. Kevin Hoffman has a Weight Training Program for Nerves | Ladies in Tech

    Kevin Hoffman talks his first conference experience and shares how he uses rehearsals, habits, and exercise to help conquer nerves


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  7. Samantha Warren on Public Speaking Tips on the Ladies in Tech Podcast

    Samantha Warren shares how she began public speaking with tips on how that led her to more experiences and opportunities. Also how nerves affect us.


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  8. Steph Hay Ignites a User Riot | Ladies in Tech

    The fantastic Steph Hay joins us and shares stories, advice, and laughs! We talk about "user" vs "member" and how dialect in talks can affect your reception. Steph shares advice from a speaking coach as well as bonus advice from Jared Spool - a public speaking pro. We talk the importance of creating story arcs and how that can draw people in. Plus, Steph tells us about CrossFit and how to deal with terrible pictures of you on the interwebs. Lastly, we’ll chat about finding people who want your brain. Not zombies. Promise. All in under twenty minutes!


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  9. LIT Ep 03 Brad Frost Leaves Web, Joins Improv Troupe | Ladies in Tech

    Brad Frost joins us on the podcast and share his stories about public speaking and thoughts on women in tech.


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  10. Ladies in Tech Ep. 2

    Celebrating and supporting female speakers in technology


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