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  1. William Julius Wilson: Ending Poverty Is Possible : NPR

    The Census Bureau announced that 15 percent of Americans lived in poverty in 2011 –€” a slight drop from the year before. But income disparities continue to grow. Host Michel Martin talks with Harvard Professor William Julius Wilson, author of the 1987 book The Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy.


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  2. RSA - The Inequality Crisis

    The Inequality Crisis - RSA Comment - (21st Feb 2013)

    Read Stewart Lansley article, The Inequality Crisis (http://comment.rsablogs.org.uk/2013/02/19/inequality-crisis/)

    For the last 30 years, the economy of the UK (and much of the rich world ) has been managed on the basis of a doctrine that holds that inequality is a necessary condition for economic progress. Author and economist Stewart Lansley visits the RSA to argue that this theory is wrong. Rather, the surging income gap of recent decades has not just been socially corrosive, it lies at the roots of the current prolonged national and global crisis.

    Allowing the fruits of growth to be colonised by the few has, contrary to the current orthodoxy, simply brought more turbulent and more fragile economies. We now need to abandon this theory and adopt a new approach to economic management built around the growing evidence that more equal societies are the route, not just to social harmony, but also to economic health.

    Speaker: Stewart Lansley is a visiting fellow at Bristol University and the author of ‘The Cost of Inequality’, runner-up in Spear’s 2012 business book of the year awards

    Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA


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  3. Senator Hugh Segal on Fighting Poverty in Canada

    In a lecture entitled "Fighting Poverty", Senator Hugh Segal explains why we need a new national approach to tackling poverty arguing that the costs and consequences of poverty are much larger than direct spending on social programs. Segal has been a long-time proponent of establishing a Guaranteed Annual Income. This lecture was produced in collaboration with the Literary Review of Canada.

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  4. “The psychology of poverty” Marketplace (Oct. 4)

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  5. Online University For All Balances Big Goals, Expensive Realities : All Tech Considered : NPR

    The University of the People says it’s the "world’s first, tuition-free, online university," designed for poor students who would otherwise lack access to higher education. The institution has 1,300 students in 129 countries, but it’s also struggling to maintain its "free" mission.


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  6. Homeless Hotspots: Exploitation Or Innovation? : NPR

    An advertising agency sparked controversy at the South by Southwest technology conference when it hired homeless people in Austin to act as "Homeless Hotspots." Critics charge that it exploits the homeless. But Megan Garber, a staff writer for The Atlantic, sees some good in the project.


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  7. DocArchive: Guangzhou - China’s migrant metropolis

    China’s economy depends on a system regulating workers from around China and beyond. In Guangzhou, the migrant metropolis, Mukul Devichand hears stories of anger and reform.

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  8. Broadcasting House - Revisiting Down and Out in Paris and London

    For Broadcasting House, Emma Jane Kirby retraces George Orwell’s classic journey into poverty. She meets a woman crammed into a boarding house room with her two adult children; a kitchen hand who grabs only a few hours sleep each night; a homeless Pole who has forgotten what it was to be sober; and the teen couple who sleep hidden in the long grass of a park for fear of attackers.

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  9. Salford and Hackney riots: ‘We don’t want trouble. We want a job’ - audio | UK news | guardian.co.uk

    Witnesses to the riots in Salford, Greater Manchester, and Hackney, east London, tell Shiv Malik what happened this week and speak of their anger at a lack of job prospects.


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  10. Junot Diaz On What Disasters Reveal

    The Dominican-American writer Junot Diaz got everybody’s attention, and a Pulitzer Prize, with his fierce, funny, tragic first novel “The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.” Now, in a big new essay, Diaz has moved on to bigger themes — like apocalypse and the fate of the human race.

    Junot Diaz looks at our recent headlines of earthquakes, tsunamis, meltdown fears, and floods and sees revelation. Not of the hand of God, exactly. But of human realities running amok.

    We avert our eyes, he says. But these disasters must be read.

    This hour, On Point: Junot Diaz, on revelation and apocalypse.


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