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  1. “Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries: The Return of Rock Therapy”

    For many years, as part of my duties as the sponsor of David H. Hickman High School’s Academy of Rock, I created not-exactly-hi-fi podcasts—sometimes thematic, sometimes a funhouse random play of my passions du jour—for the kiddies to use to get their learn on. A little over a year ago, our free server flitted back off…


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  2. Mazak.Mk.10.13

    Dr. Greg Mazak | Trinity Bible Church


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  3. Tripp.Mk.10.13

    Dr. Paul Tripp | Paul Tripp Ministries


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  4. Play in new window

    In this episode of Smarter freelancing podcast you’ll hear from Coach Jenn Lee on one simple strategy to land work this month!


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  5. Lewis Howes: How A Tragic End To His Pro Football Career Led To Making Millions Online

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    Lewis Howes was a college football player in the USA, who had his career cut short due to a broken wrist injury sustained in a game.

    Lewis left the world of football with no income, no knowledge of how to make money or any job prospects. His sister provided a couch for him to sleep on, which he leveraged well by using the spare time to learn about how people were making money on the internet.

    Lewis became very active on LinkedIn and turned himself into one of the most well networked sporting personalities on the site. He leveraged his connections to start hosting LinkedIn meetup events in the real world, which gave him an income stream, albeit a very time consuming one.

    When Joel Comm invited Lewis to come talk about LinkedIn marketing on a webinar, the doors opened to a new income opportunity. Although a beginner to teaching online, Lewis loved the format and went on to become a full time LinkedIn marketing trainer, selling his teaching programs via webinars.

    Lewis co-founded an online teaching company that made several million dollars over a period of three years. He conducted over 700 webinars during this time, and then decided he had enough of teaching LinkedIn and similar subjects.

    He took a break, then just recently came back with a bang, starting a brand new business called the School of Greatness, which began with a podcast, and has now grown into a coaching program. As you will hear during this interview, the school is more like a movement that Lewis is proud to lead, than just a training course.

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    Inspiration And The Practical All Wrapped Into One Interview

    This interview begins with Lewis explaining what he is up to today and some of the key highlights behind the principles he runs his life on (including how he learned to play the guitar and salsa dancing using immersion). We then recap his career in the usual Entrepreneurs Journey Podcast style.

    During the second half of the interview, things get very practical. Lewis explains exactly how he makes money and teaches other people to make money online, primarily using Webinars as the main marketing tool. He breaks down what tools he uses to build his email list, take payments, run his membership site and conduct his webinars.

    Here are some of the other things we talked about…

    How Lewis learned to play the guitar, salsa dancing and how he become a professional handball player.

    Lewis offers two examples of members in his program and how they have gone on to quickly earn thousands of dollars online.

    We also hear the different income streams Lewis currently personally has, including advising startups, a podcast, his coaching program and other various sources.

    Websites Mentioned During The Interview


    School Of Greatness Podcast

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  6. Interview: Culinaricast | die Hörsuppe

    Deutsche Podcasts, Neues aus der deutschen Podcastszene


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  7. Cordkillers: Episode (Beta) 4K getting more OK — Cordkillers

    Cord Killers: BetaRecorded: December 23 2013Guest: Justin Robert YoungIntro VideoHoliday Emergency (EXPLICIT) - Christmas Vacation Remix The Big Story4K Netflix streaming launching next monthAnother Big StoryYouTube channel debuts on the Roku 3 in the US, Canada, UK and Republic of IrelandSlipStreamHulu Plus passes 5 million subscribers, plans to double its original contentHulu must face privacy lawsuit, U.S. judge rulesTube TopsSimple.tv, the DVR for cord cutters, releases its Android appSimple.tv is bringing its DVR for cord cutters to OuyFilm FalmXbox Live Documentary Goes Digging for Atari’s Long-Lost E.T. CartridgeScan LinesAllCast now open to all for streaming local movies, photos from AndroidStevie now turns any Twitter topic into a social TV channelViki Strikes Deal With Baidu to Bring Crowd-Translated Programming to ChinaNow TV app brings Sky Sports to Apple TV in the UK‘Ripper Street’ May Return with Funding from Amazon’s LoveFilmWuaki.tv hits 1m users for its on-demand movie and TV streaming service, 125k from the UK aloneWhat we’re watchingBrian: Fascinating interview with Mike Rowe Tom: Orange is the New Black, Father TedJustin: Bo Burnham "what"Winter Movie DraftJustin Robert Young: $483,480,275Fr. Robert Ballecer: $392,813,988Casey McKinnon: $390,058,157Jeff Cannata: $265,369,223Tom Merritt: $182,530,164Brian Brushwood: $119,438,873 Premiering this weekTurbo: F.A.S.T. Dec. 24 on NetflixFeedbackGentlemen, in your honor, my wife, Wendy, and I cut the cord with Verizon today. We cancelled our Cable TV, but kept our FiOS internet service, so we still have one cord, but it’s the good one. And Verizon said we’re "welcome" to keep 13 local TV channels for free. Ha, I guess we don’t get to keep the UHF channels. :-)Now we’re saving $70 a month. Oops, just found out that we’re only saving $65 a month, because, "dear valued customer," it’s actually $5 more per month than they said. Oh, and we also have to pay an additional $10 to return our DVR. (I feel like I just made a deal with some guy on Canal Street.)We will continue to feast from our AppleTV, where we watch Netflix and iTunes… and podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. So we’re ready for your next show!Happy Holidays to you both. Thanks for all the years of information and inspiration. Excited to see what you guys will do next.Cheers,Philip & Wendy ShaneBrooklyn, NY See what you can do when the TV network is NOT in the USA?

    180 channels, $15/month, 8-day replay period without needing a DVR (they record & store everything), inside home/outside home, looks great if you were an international sports/soccer fan.Now Playing on Slingbox 500: DishWorldJamie


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  8. The Flop House #139 – Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones The Flop House

    The three peaches spend this episode cloning around about Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, as part of a podcrawl with Read it and Weep (who took on Episode I) and Proudly Resents (who will be taking on Episode III). Meanwhile, Dan’s space gaydar is misaligned, Elliott explains the proper way to steal a cake, and the greatest secrets of Stuart’s nerdiness are revealed.

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  9. Pop Idol and Big Brother

    Successful TV formats like Big Brother, Pop Idol, X-Factor and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are sold and broadcast all round the world, netting their creators billions of pounds. But how can you protect such a valuable asset? And are too many copycat versions saturating the market and crushing original ideas? Evan Davis finds out from those at the top of the lucrative global industry of TV formats.

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  10. R3 Arts and Ideas - Doctor Who 50th

    50 years of Dr Who is celebrated this weekend by the BBC. Matthew Sweet discusses the TV series with historian Dominic Sandbrook, philosopher Ray Monk and New Generation Thinker and cultural historian Fern Riddell. A Free Thinking career interview with artist William Tillyer, whose work is being celebrated in a retrospective at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art MIMA. Dr Adam Smith reflects on the political philosophy underlying the rhetoric of the Gettysburg address, given by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago.

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