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  1. Podcast: Merlin Mann Live in San Francisco | Maximum Fun



    Photo by Nuzz

    The first in our series of podcasts from our January live show at SF Sketchfest.

    Merlin Mann is an internet guru.

    He’s best known for his wildly popular lifehacking site 43folders, which offers simple solutions to make work and home life less complicated and stressful.

    He’s also a new media personality, with his own series (That Phone Guy, The Merlin Show) and a regular co-host slot on the Mac Break Weekly podcast.Discuss this episode on the forum!Download This Show (MP3)

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  2. Nature Podcast: Robot Relations

    NASA’s Mars rovers – including Curiosity, which landed on Mars a year ago this week - explore the red planet piloted by scientists back on Earth. Sociologist of science Janet Vertesi has spent time with the teams, discovering how they attribute personalities to the robots and how that can influence their mission.


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  3. Cyber vetting and personality - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Rightly or wrongly many corporations and recruitment agencies use social media platforms as a form of employee vetting. The Facebook sites and Twitter posts of potential workers are scoured for indications of anti-social behaviour. But just how effective is social media at predicting personality type? Well, the London-based Online Privacy Foundation has been conducting research into that very question. We discuss their findings with the Foundation’s co-founder Chris Sumner.


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  4. struggle for smarts? Learning styles around the world

    Huffduffed from http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/11/12/164793058/struggle-for-smarts-how-eastern-and-western-cultures-tackle-learning

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  5. PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge

    The Great American Scoundrel — Are you a knave? Scalawag? A varlet? A rapscallion who put the bon in bon vivant? Are you a scoundrel?


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  6. It’s Alive?

    A Radiolab episode on “Cities” uncovers what gives a city its walking speed:

    On the high end you’ve got the Dubliners who take on average (10.76 steps to cover 60 feet). Compare that with to Buchanan, Liberia whose walkers covered the same distance in about 21 seconds. In football terms, by the time the Dubliner has scored a touchdown, the guy from Buchanan is somewhere around midfield. (~9:00)

    That’s Bob Levine’s research, where he explains how he measures time as it relates to the feel or rhythm of a city. To figure this out, he measures the percentage of people wearing watches, bank tellers’ speed at making change, the speed of people talking (numbers of syllables per second). Does the city do this rhythm to its people or do people do it to a city, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich ask. They go on to talk to two physicists from the Santa Fe Institute who reveal that every city has an underlying “beat” and knowing that they can predict — accurately — a whole range of statistics.

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  7. Celebrities and Aid: new humanitarians or just another fad?

    Speakers: Professor John Street; Kris Torgeson; Ann McFerran. Chair: Dr Armine Ishkanian

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