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  1. Hidden Features - From Core To PECL - Johannes Schluter - PHP UK Conference

    The core PHP distribution contains, depending on the configuration, offers more than 1500 functions and quite many additional language constructs. On top of that the PECL repository, which collects additional PHP extensions, offers more than 200 extensions for PHP. This talk will show features which are hidden in there and might increase the programmer’s productivity.




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  2. Episode 016: “PECL Picks - Extensions to make your life better”


    Welcome to the ZendCon 2008 edition of the ZendCon Sessions. The ZendCon Sessions are live recordings of sessions that have been given at previous Zend Conferences. Combined with the slides, they can be the next best thing to having attended the conference itself.

    In this series we will be releasing regular sessions from ZendCon 2008 as we lead up to this year’s ZendCon

    This episode of The ZendCon Sessions was recorded live at ZendCon 2008 in Santa Clara, CA … and is Elizabeth M Smith giving her presentation: "PECL Picks - Extensions to make your life better"

    The ZendCon Sessions are distributed under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License, Please honor this license and the rights of our authors.

    If you like The ZendCon Sessions, why not consider attending the next ZendCon? Information about dates, location, speakers and more will be announced soon on our website: http://zendcon.com/

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