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  1. 010 RR Personal Design Rules

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:55 — 82.3MB) Panel Avdi Grimm (twitter github blog book) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code) David Brady (blog twitter github ADDcasts) James Edward Gray (blog twitter github) Josh Susser (twitter github blog) Discussion Premature optimization is the root of all […]


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  2. Seo

    How do you optimize your site to be user friendly and findable? Guest Dana DiTomaso stops by to dispel the SEO myths, what you should prioritize for your site, and a few tools and add-ons she uses to help clients with their marketing efforts.


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  3. Ads

    While advertising measurement often seems like a black art, it is possible to simplify the process and make ad statistics more meaningful. Made by Hippo’s Carl Crawley joins the show to discuss his AdMan add-on, which offers a simplified and streamlined approach to managing ads with ExpressionEngine.


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  4. Aubrey Marcus: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Passion and Authenticity

    What does it take to achieve optimal human potential? This is a quest I’ve been on since childhood; seeking greatness in sports, business and life. It has


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  5. Optimizating Website and Business Processes | Five Minutes With Jack

    Optimizing your business and web site processes is about taking the time and effort to do everything you can to get the most desirable result possible.


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  6. SEO, Search Engine Optimization & EE « Episodes « EE Podcast

    In episode 28, Lea and Ryan talk about some tools and methods for implementing search engine optimization tools in ExpressionEngine.


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  7. How to program independent games by Jonathan Blow


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  8. Database Optimisation - Remo Biagioni - PHP UK Conference

    Database optimisation A real life example getting more throughput with fewer queries.

    Over the last year we’ve grown a database from a few hundred megabytes to just over one terabyte. The database is reported on and populated by a network of servers using PHP. As the database has grown we’ve had to look again our initial assumptions and ways of working. One table has over 2billion rows; 2.5 million rows every day are added to another table. This talk will cover how we use explain, foreign keys, normalising data without sacrificing performance, queuing and using memcache. And, how we’ve made the system run faster now than it did with a much smaller database.

    PDF http://phpconference.co.uk/2010/talks

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  9. MP3 Full ShowOptimizing Your Website with Jeff Atwood and Stackoverflow

    Huffduffed from http://hanselminutes.com/default.aspx?showID=193

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  10. The Future of JS Benchmarking - A Minute With Brendan

    Super deep insight into JS Benchmarking and what is coming from Mozilla and Microsoft Research. Discussions about what is wrong with current benchmarking apparatuses and how things are going to improve. Listen in for the long haul, (yes it is longer than a minute again!!) for an amazing view of where JS performance analysis is heading

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