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  1. Slate: Fracking, Oil Sands, and Deep-Water Drilling

    Fracking, Oil Sands, and Deep-Water Drilling: The dangerous new era of "extreme energy," by Daniel Gross


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  2. Third Paradigm: 3P-029 9-11: Making a Killing

    Reports on his more-than-compelling evidence that 911 was a controlled demolition, and the staggering implications of that. And does Bilderberg - the clandestine meeting of uber-elite in Athens - have anything to do with it?

    Reads a poem by Portia Nelson called Autobiography in Five Short Chapters and uses it as a strategy to rescue social activism. Uses the research of UC Berkeley linguist George Lakoff to explain why the Bilderberg 50 are winning, even though there are 100 million of us for every 1 of them. Presents a community unity exercise developed by Riki Otts after the Valdez oil spill.

    Read the show transcript while listening, and view our images, videos, and links on the Third Paradigm website:


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