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  1. Dark Discussions podcast

    Horror film and movie review website" name="description


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  2. Late Night Live: The Trouble with Small Farms - Environment - Browse - Big Ideas - ABC TV

    Northern Tasmania boasts some of the richest farming land in Australia - great for dairy, vegetable growing, and increasingly also for high value non-food crops such as poppies and pyrethrum.

    Unlike some other farming regions of Australia that are likely to be adversely affected by global warming, Tasmania has abundant water and, as we approach the mid-21st century, Tasmanian farmers should be well-placed to benefit from what is sure to be a steadily increasing global demand for food.

    So why is it that so many of Tasmania’s small farmers - particularly in dairy and vegetable growing - are experiencing such an uphill struggle to remain viable?

    In recent years, these two industries have been in deep crisis.

    Increasingly our small farmers - not just in Tasmania, but all over Australia - are being ground down by their lack of market power, and by the might of the big two supermarkets, multinational operators who are increasingly taking over the supply chain in Australia, and by the demand by Australian consumers for ever-cheaper food.

    An important warning of the possible future that lies ahead if we’re not prepared to support Australian-grown food came late last year when the vegetable processing company McCain’s closed its plant in northern Tasmania and moved offshore. The brand remains on our supermarket shelves, but the vegetables under the McCain’s label are now imported.

    Last year when the Senate Select Committee on Agriculture held an inquiry into food production in Australia, the committee’s chairman, Senator Bill Heffernan, asked the following question: "How do we produce food that is affordable, from an environment that is sustainable and a farmer that is viable?" That in a nutshell is the theme of tonight’s community forum.

    Radio National host Phillip Adams took his "Late Night Live" team to Burnie to try and find out why the future for farmers supplying Australia’s new upmarket "bread basket" looks more like a "basket case".

    Richard Bovill is farmer activist who grows vegetables.

    In 2005, he led the Fair Dinkum Food campaign which saw a convoy of tractor-driving farmers converge on Parliament House in Canberra. Bovill is a member of a Tasmanian Government committee set up to promote the marketing of Tasmanian vegetables.

    Angelique Abbott represents a new generation of Tasmanian farmers.

    She and her husband run a dairy farmer in the Circular Head region, west of Burnie, while also juggling a veterinarian practice. Abbott wrote a very moving submission on behalf of local dairy farmers to the Senate inquiry into food production in 2009, based on stories of hardship that she gathered.

    Bryan Green is the Deputy Premier and Primary Industries Minister in Tasmania.

    He has been the Labor member for the state seat of Braddon since 1998, which makes him the local member in Burnie.

    He’s also Tasmania’s Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Minister for Energy and Resources, Planning, Racing and Veterans Affairs.

    Neil Armstrong is the co-owner and managing director of Tasmanian fresh vegetable company Harvest Moon, based in the Forth Valley.

    He is a major vegetable farmer who doesn’t need to rely on multinational food processors to get his goods to market on the mainland.


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  3. VERBAL TAP (Episode 65) with Clark Gracie

    Clark Gracie tells us what it’s like to be really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Plus we chat UFC Fight Night: Brazil and Metamoris predictions


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  4. Night butterflies - 360documentaries - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    One of the more polite names given to sex workers in Indonesia is ‘night butterflies’. Transsexual night butterflies haunt the streets of Jakarta, eking out an income from passing cars. They have often left their deeply-religious families in rural towns across Indonesia to pursue their desire to live as women in the bustling, ‘liberal’ capital. Even so, in Jakarta their choice of lifestyle is still widely considered a sin against God and makes them worthy of derision, ridicule and contempt.


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  5. YANSS Podcast 019 – Placebo sleep and other new discoveries in placebo research « You Are Not So Smart

    The Topic: The Placebo Effect The Guest: Kristi Erdal The Episode: Download – iTunes – Stitcher – RSS – Soundcloud How powerful is the placebo effect? After a good night’s sleep could a scientist convince you that you had tossed and turned, and if so, how would that affect your perceptions and behavior? What if…


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  6. Episode #140 – After Earth The Flop House

    M. Night is quite competent, even good sometimes, at shooting his movies.

    He can manage the technical aspects and even create a proper mood, given an OK story.

    But all his stories are dumb and he’s not the guy to get anything extra out of his actors.

    Indeed, much like George Lucas, if anything he’s actually gonna get in the way of the performances of otherwise talented actors.

    And his lead, Jaden. is not particularly talented, but I hated him way less in the Karate Kid remake than I did here, so M. Night even brought him down.

    They’ve have been way better off just making this a fantasy movie instead of dressing like like sci-fi.

    At least then, when nutty “why did that happen?!” moments occur, the answer is “oh, yeah — magic!”

    instead of “Why didn’t they get someone with a passing familiarity with reality take a look at this script?”


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  7. 163.9 MB

    A pop music radio show for people who already know plenty about pop music, hosted by Ron Boogiemonster Gerber and heard every Friday night from 10:30 to…


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  8. Admissions Of Defeat | Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

    We check in with a few of our TOE regulars: Peter Choyce has is one of my oldest friends and a listener favorite, but he has a secret we’ve never addressed until now. We also check in with our D.C. correspondent ”Chris” who tells us about the NSA’s desire to install backdoors in Podcasts. Also, I tell you the story about what happens when I wander into @psychic for a late night reading. PLUS: a few extracts from ‘Brand New World’

    *********Click on the image for the whole story about this week’s installment**********

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 28:04 — 25.7MB)


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  9. WTF #460 - Will Forte

    Will Forte had given up on thoughts of becoming an actor when he settled down into a successful career as a television comedy writer for several hit shows. Will tells Marc how he got roped back into the performance world, what led to a completely pressure-free audition for Saturday Night Live, and why he never seriously believed he would get a role in Alexander Payne’s new film Nebraska. Today’s episode is sponsored by Hover and by Slingbox.


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  10. Imagine Living in an Ice Cube Tray | SSKTN

    Chris Enns tries a Saturday night version of his call random folks on Skype and make a show podcast. It turns out not that many people are on Skype on a Saturday night – who knew? (Hint: Not Chris!) Listen in as Kyle Roderick, John Locke and Matt Steeeeeeeele chat about what’s going on in their worlds. Movies reviews, CMS discussions, NAMM 2014, and lots of weather.

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