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  1. Gin & Innovation : Gin & Innovation 003 — Ella Saitta

    In which George talks about CERN’s champagne economy, Justin talks about a Mexican drug gang’s sophisticated radio infrastructure, field agent Scott Smith smuggles some audio out of the Large Hadron Collider, and Ella Saitta drops in to talk about Nordic larp, security, and socio-technical systems. Intro and outro music courtesy, as ever, of Chris Arkenberg.

    Links and works referenced:

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    ‘The White War’

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    ‘Three Horizons’ (Bill Sharpe, Tony Hodgeson)

    ‘How Is Technology Changing TV Narrative?’ (PBS Ideas Channel)



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  2. The Fruits Of Free Trade: How NAFTA Revamped The American Diet : The Salt : NPR

    Signed 20 years ago this month, the landmark trade agreement radically altered the way we get our fruits and vegetables, encouraging year-round imports from Mexican farms. That’s why it’s now no big deal to find, say, raspberries in winter. But critics say it also has trained consumers to value convenience over flavor and has dulled knowledge of where food comes from.


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  3. Mexico’s Patron Saint Is Also Its Hello Kitty : NPR

    As many as 6 million pilgrims have made their way to the Mexican capital to pay homage to the Virgin of Guadalupe on Thursday. One woman has turned the country’s most revered religious icon into a cartoon characterization, using it to build a multimillion-dollar company.


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  4. Best Coast - The Only Place

    Best Coast - The Only Place - from the 2012 album The Only Place on Mexican Summer.

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  5. North of the Border - The Rise of Mexican Music

    Robin Denselow visits L.A., the commercial centre of the narco-corrido, or Mexican drug ballad. The lyrics celebrate the exploits of smugglers and cartels. But bizarrely it sounds like cheerful, almost comical, accordion polka.


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  6. Stuff You Should Know

    How Mexican Wrestling Works — Perhaps it’s the colorful masks or the high-flying, rapid-fire acrobatic moves. Whatever it is, there’s something uniquely and particularly entrancing about Mexican wrestling, called lucha libre. Learn more about lucha libre in this episode of SYSK.

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  7. Stuff You Missed in History Class

    Maximilian, Mexico’s Habsburg Prince — For a time, Mexico was ruled by a Habsburg prince: Ferdinand Maximilian. While Maximilian was unwelcome, he upheld liberal reforms and modernized the government. As his support dwindled, Mexico’s rightful president worked to take back the country.

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  8. Mondo Diablo Episode 263: WOW! We’re the Top of the Pops Where the Hits Don’t Stop…s

    This week’s radio-themed broadcast contains a special secret retro recipe.

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