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  1. Caustic Soda: Hoarding

    Joe, Kevin, and Toren have gathered up so much information on compulsive hoarding in this episode it’s threatening to tip over and crush us all under its weight! Food hoarders, animal hoarders, cosmic-powered hoarders — they’re all here!

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  2. Podcast #194: Developing Mental Toughness | Essential Tennis Podcast

    Mental Toughness


    —Huffduffed by albertwu2002 2 years ago

  3. Beyond Belief 1 (2006): Session 4

    —Huffduffed by piamch8eec 2 years ago

  4. Lara - Philadelphia Swamp Techno

    Philadelphia’s Lara (AKA DJ Pos) has graced Deep Foc.us with our first exclusive mix taking you through a journey of what Lara describes as "dark, humid, and dubby techno." If you dug the "Kowton – Ssg Special Mix" we posted a few weeks back, you’ll feel this - no doubt.

    RAIME – “This Foundry” (Blackest Ever Black) INSTRA:MENTAL – “Let’s Talk” (NakedLunch) BYETONE – “Rocky [Soft]” (Raster-Noton) KASSEM MOSSE – “Untitled B2” (Workshop) SHACKLETON – “Death Is Not Final” (Skull Disco) MILTON BRADLEY – “Motor City” (Do Not Resist The Beat!) LOWTEC – “Untitled A1” (Workshop) LEVON VINCENT – “Woman Is The Devil” (Deconstruct) WIREMAN – “Armour” (Prime Numbers) CLARO INTELECTO – “Contact” (AI) ANDY STOTT – “Brief Encounter” (Modern Love) SZARE – “Untitled B2” (Horizontal Ground) STEREOCITI – “Waiting For Your Call” (Mojuba) RHYTHM + SOUND – “Mango Drive” (Rhythm + Sound)


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  5. #6 Jimmy Pardo

    Comedian Jimmy Pardo appears for the first time as a guest on the Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin


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  6. Jon Ronson On… Voices in the Head

    Writer and documentary maker Jon Ronson returns for another 5 part series of fascinating stories shedding light on the human condition.

    Eleanor Longden started to hear voices in her head when she was at university and was diagnosed as a schizophrenic - a label she totally rejects. Now she is a high achieving academic. What started the voices and how did she get to a point where she not only lives happily with the voices that still exist but also works with others who have the same experience? With contributions from writer Graham Linehan and comedian Josie Long.

    Producer: Laura Parfitt and Simon Jacobs An Unique production for BBC Radio 4.

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  7. SpoolCast: Mental Models with Indi Young

    In February we held one of our most popular Virtual Seminars ever, Mental Models: Getting Into Your Customer’s Head, presented by Indi Young. Indi explained her mental model method of organizing the beliefs and philosophies of users, then comparing them to the current and planned functionality, to see if the users’ needs align with the design.

    When we were done with the seminar, we had a number of compelling questions left over from the seminar. In this Podcast, we got back in touch with Indi and discussed some of the more interesting ones.

    Indi had some interesting opinions on:

    whether you use surveys for data collection, how long it will take to do a mental model assessment, how you ensure the accuracy of the interpretation of the data you collect, and much more…

    [Note: Unfortunately, while we were recording, there was a motor running in the background and the mic was picking it up. Brian worked extremely hard to scrub this noise out as much as possible, but there are places where doing so would’ve made it hard to understand what Indi was saying. We apologize in advance if the recording is a little difficult to listen to in places.] From http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/2008/03/17/spoolcast-reviewing-mental-models-with-indi-young/

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  8. Why are so many of us unhappy? - Radio National Breakfast - 16 March 2011

    We are taught that happiness is an unalienable right and we strive for it for our entire lives. So why is the search for contentment leaving many of us worried and anxious?


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  9. Indi Young – Innovation With Mental Models | Web Directions

    In this talk, Indi Young will present a methodical (but rapid!) approach to invention.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut 3 years ago

  10. Gnomex Tranquera Mixtape

    1. Intro
    2. Breakage “Foundation” Digital Soundboy
    3. June Miller “Converge” Horizons
    4. System “The Voices” Exit
    5. Instramental “Watching You” Non Plus
    6. Spectrasoul “Taken” Critical
    7. Spy “Frostbite” Dubplate
    8. Electrosoul System “Bookworm” Sound Trax
    9. Seba “Special Ops” Combination
    10. Spectrasoul “Ceramic” Sound Trax
    11. Breakage “Clarendon” Digital Soundboy
    12. Abstract Elements “Erpeh” Respect
    13. Abstract Elements “Abysmal Depth” Exit
    14. Breakage “The Shroud” Digital Soundboy
    15. Ruckspin “Get Naked” Ranking
    16. D-Bridge “Mana’s Lament” Exit

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