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  1. Hired. - Matt Mullenweg, Automattic

    Cameron sits down with Matt Mullenweg, best known for developing WordPress. Matt discusses the history of WordPress, working remotely, distributed offices, and the importance of customer service. Automattic is hiring! Check out their listings on Authentic Jobs and more on their site.


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  2. Episode 7: Matt Mullenweg on Working Remotely | New Robot Overlords


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  3. ShopTalk 031: With Matt Mullenweg

    Matt is the co-founder of WordPress (.org, .com) and and essentially the head dude there and at Akismet, VaultPress, Gravatar, bbPress… you know, a few things (see: Automattic).


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  4. Interview with Matt Mullenweg – part 1

    Joost and Frederick interview the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, talking about loads of things. The entire interview was split in 2 because it was a bit lengthy, so you’ll hear part 2 next week.

    In this part we discussed the ’3.org’ project: fixing everything about WordPress that is not WordPress itself, so we discussed WordPress profiles (check Joost’s here) and how they want to integrate those with WordCamps and some of the new APIs that the team is developing and improving. We also touched on what happens / is going to happen to orphaned plugins.

    Then going on we discussed the Automattic product line, and where the focus of the 50 people at Automattic is at the moment, WordCamps and even what’ll be (or might be) in WordPress 3.1


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  5. The Big Web Show #29: Matt Mullenweg on 5by5

    Matt Mullenweg joins Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin to discuss the creation and evolution of WordPress, the growth of Automattic, making money with open source, and more.

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  6. Would WordPress sue the maker of Thesis, a leading WordPress theme?

    Chris doesn’t believe WordPress’s GPL should be inherited by themes. Matt does, and the SFLC and others agree. The conversation is interesting because (a) they and the podcaster do a great job of keeping it civil and on-track and purposeful, and (b) Chris is unswayed. Chris built on GPLed software without realizing it, and is having trouble with the implications. Chris’s experience, and feelings, and thought processes, are replicated all around the world. This is like a usability bug for free software.

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  7. The Biography Of Wordpress – With Matt Mullenweg

    Millions of blogs — including Mixergy.com — run on WordPress. So I invited the entrepreneur behind this insanely successful software, Matt Mullenweg, to do an interview about how WordPress went from idea to a growing business.

    I organized this interview like a biography, so you’ll hear how it all started at an economics summer camp, how Matt figured out the revenue model for the business, how he evangelized his product to bloggers, how he figured out what new features his customers wanted, and more.


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