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  1. Diecast #54: Witcher, HOT MEN, Wildstar - Twenty Sided

    silver Harloe says: April 22, 2014 at 6:40 amOpinions are weird. You can have them about things you know nothing objective about. Because we are adapted as pattern matching machines – we can find a picture of a bunny in the clouds, or find a reason to dislike something from previews and reviews alone. It’s easy to dismiss opinions based “only” on previews and reviews and walkthroughs and lets-play videos, but nevertheless, those people have those opinions. Sure, their opinions might change if they also played the game themselves, but changing your opinion does not mean you had no opinion before.If you believe in free speech, then people should be allowed to express their opinions, even if those opinions are “only” based on research and not actually purchasing a game.Let us consider the literal truth of your statement, “straight refusal to buy a game and judge it at the same time is mental” – image you have been told by the news that the Ford Pinto has a tendency to explode when impacted from behind. If you believe the research, you refuse to buy a Pinto, and you deem it a dangerous, unworthy car. But now you are mental! Because you have a formed a judgement about something you didn’t buy.The human brain is adapted to make snap judgements. It is always judging things. Because the person who weighs their options when faced with a possible tiger is often tiger food, but the person who eagerly jumps to the assumption of tiger may waste their time running away from nothing occasionally, but also eludes tigers more often. Everyone has a judgement about everything they’ve even heard vaguely of. If we haven’t heard enough, we often accept that our judgement is provisional, and allow new facts to alter our judgement later, but we still have the early judgement. It’s not mental – it’s a sign of a healthy functioning human brain.In any case, buying a game (or not buying it) is just about the only meaningful feedback we can give to the publisher. The developers may read reviews, but the publisher often cares only about money. If they make money, they assume the product was ‘good’. If they don’t, they assume it was ‘bad’. The publishers also fund game development, so they will naturally look to their past experience, find the products that did well, and try to contract developers to do more of that. So if you see a bunch of previews for a game and think it looks like crap, you read a bunch of reviews telling you its crap, you watch a lets-play of the game and it looks like a crappy experience, and you read a detailed analysis of the game mechanics and they sound like crap… but you don’t get to express your judgement that the game is crap? You have to buy it first? You have to tell the publisher that the game is GOOD in order to tell your friends your think it is NOT GOOD? I’m now confused. Reply to this»


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  2. Vector 37: State of the digital comics | iMore

    Jason Snell, of Macworld, PCWorld, TechHive, Greenbot, and The Incomparable joins Rene to talk about Apple — and other tech companies — as entertainment, Amazon’s comiXology acquisition, Marvel Unlimited, and digital comics in general.

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  3. Special Issue: Captain America Writer Steve Englehart  | Comic Book Podcast

    Interview with writer Steve Englehart. The man who brought back the Cap of the 50’s gives us an inside look at Marvel and his idea of who Captain America.


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  4. Issue #127: History of Captain America | Comic Book Podcast

    History of Captain America Podcast by Talking Comics. We discuss Joe Simon, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Ed Brubaker and more!


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  5. Sign Up for the Carol Corps on This Week in Marvel NOW! with Kelly Sue DeConnick | News | Marvel.com

    The writer talks about the evolution of Carol Danvers, new challenges, new settings and much more!


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  6. Double Oddio Goodness Week! Nick Fury & Captain America United!

    This week, the League celebrates Captain America: The Winter Soldier being number one at the box office, and number one in our hearts, with two classic Oddio Comic re-posts!

    In the first Oddio, Nick Fury and his witty remarks take on Hydra, who unfortunately strip him and tie him down for some… torture. yeah, that’s it. In the second classic Oddio, the Red Skull forces Captain America to do his bidding for 24 hours. What evil will the Skull make Cap do? One can never know, but it does get Cap cheesed off!

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  7. LeaguePodcast #188 - Captain America Beauty

    The Gents talk Captain America: The Winter Soldier (at the swanky theater), the Mystery Science Theater falling-out, and, well, more Captain America, because it was that damn good.

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  8. Episode 19 – Changing with Ales Kot & Morgan Jeske!

    Episode 19 – Changing with Ales Kot & Morgan Jeske!

    by Chris Thompson

    With Ales Kot & Morgan Jeske …



    a bit late this time around, but it’s not entirely hopeless as Taylor and I take a deeper look at Dennis Hopeless’ two contributions to Marvel Now! Avengers Arena #1 and Cable & X-Force #1.


    Taylor also chats with Ales Kot (Wild Children) and Morgan Jeske (Disappearing Town) about working together on their new mini-series Change from Image Comics. Plus we continue to enjoy our BrewDog Craft Beers with the rather potent Dogma.


    To get in touch, discuss sponsorship opportunities or submit projects for consideration, please email reviews@popculturehound.com. You can also follow me on Twitter: @popculturehound. And if you missed last week’s episode (or any others) you can find them right here or subscribe via iTunes. You can also support the Pop Culture Hound podcast by clicking on the DONATE button below. Your contributions will help us maintain the site, get new equipment, and encourage us to keep going on those cold lonely nights.

     Taylor Lilley Twitter: @capelessT

      Ales Kot Twitter: @ales_kotAles Kot Tumblr: aleskot.tumblr.com

      Morgan Jeske Twitter: @MorganJeskeMorgan Jeske Tumblr: morganjeske.tumblr.com

     Listen to our previous interview with Ales Kot here: popculturehound.net/pch-podcast-episode-3-with-wild-childrens-ales-kot

     And you can read the prequel plus the first eight pages of Change here: www.bleedingcool.com/2012/12/08/two-prequel-pages-for-ales-kots-change-1-and-not-in-the-comic

    Standard Podcast [ 1:36:58 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  9. Episode 34 – Basking In The Glory of Joe Keatinge!

    Episode 34 – Basking In The Glory of Joe Keatinge!

    by Chris Thompson

    With Joe Keatinge …


    It’s one of the saddest and most poignant episodes so far as Taylor & I say farewell to Joe Keatinge, Ross Campbell & Owen Gieni’s Glory with issue 34 from Image Comics. But it’s not all sadness and misery, as there’s also a new beginning for Mike Mignola, Scott Allie & Sebastian Fiumara‘s Abe Sapien with an ongoing issue 1 from Dark Horse Comics.


    Plus we have an exclusive chat with Joe Keatinge about the end of Glory. Was it an untimely demise or did things go exactly as planned? Joe & I also look back at how he got to this point, what the future holds, the status of Hell Yeah, and the appeal of wrestling. It’s a great insight into an exciting writer with a clear idea of who he is and where he’s going.


    To get in touch, send feedback or submit projects for consideration, please email reviews@popculturehound.com. And if you missed last week’s episode (or any others) you can find them right here or subscribe via iTunes. You can also support the Pop Culture Hound podcast by clicking on the DONATE button below. Your contributions will help us maintain the site, get new equipment, and encourage us to keep going on those cold lonely nights.

     Chris Thompson Twitter: @popculturehoundTaylor Lilley Twitter: @capelessTOrbital Comics’ website: www.orbitalcomics.com

     Joe Keatinge’s Twitter: @joekeatingeJoe Keatinge’s website: joekeatinge.tumblr.com

    Standard Podcast [ 1:54:04 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  10. Turn Up the Volume on This Week in Marvel Episode 120.5 with Wayne Coyne | News | Marvel.com

    The Flaming Lips frontman gets into the process of writing his own comic, almost working for Marvel and much more!


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