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  1. Adobe Creative Cloud Pros & Cons - The Apple Artist Podcast #16 - The Apple Artist

    Podcast episode on Adobe Creative Cloud software licensing. Pixelmator, Acorn, Manga Studio 5, Procreate, Instacast, Zoom To Selection (Adobe Illustrator plugin), Total Finder, Clean My Mac 2, Pinterest, Google Street View, Alex Dukal (artist) mentioned.


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  2. Manga Studio Madness! CBD 65

    Teyon Alexander from Smith Micro Joins us to discuss Manga Studio and other fantastic Smith Micro Products. For anyone ready to do their comics and art in a digital format, this is the program for you. As Teyon says on the Smith Micro site:

    > I’ve been using Manga Studio since it was launched here in the US. I heard about Comic Studio and tried to find out if it was coming stateside. As soon as I found out it was, I gobbled up Manga Studio. Before Manga Studio, I used Photoshop but not for inking directly. I used to ink by hand and sharpen the inks in Photoshop. Now, Manga Studio is my workflow from start to finish.



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  3. Anime World Order Podcast » Anime World Order Show # 45 – This Episode Contains More Dead Babies Than Usual

    Daryl reviews the gekiga/manga titles The Push Man and Other Stories and also Abandon the Old in Tokyo by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Clarissa reviews the recent anime series Black Lagoon, and Gerald reviews the second of the Robot Romance Trilogy, Voltes V. The comics contain lots of dead babies, they probably shoot babies in Black Lagoon, and women are repulsed enough by 70s super robot anime such as Voltes V that they miscarry.

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  4. #09 show notes | Learn Japanese Pod

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  5. #08 more counting in Japanese | Learn Japanese Pod

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  6. #07 Counting in Japanese | Learn Japanese Pod

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