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  1. Streaming Digital Books

    This talk presents a vision of EPUB 3 as the ultimate publication master format: manuscript, asset management system, learning tool, and data warehouse all in one. HTML5 & EPUB 3 will enrich this ecosystem, and enable much more: information-dense, responsive publications that can be personalized and delivered on request in the appropriate display size, language, and educational level, with contextually-relevant media and assistive enhancements. Example publications using streaming HTML5 distribution and EPUB 3 features will be provided throughout.

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  2. 5by5 | The Web Ahead #20: Content Everywhere with Lyza Garder

    5by5 - The Web Ahead #20: Content Everywhere with Lyza Garder


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  3. Anthony Bourdain - KCRW Guest DJ Project

    Anthony Bourdain is an author, world traveler, insane eater and a punk rock aficionado. He was attracted to sinister and angry music at an early age, but it was when he discovered The Stooges that his “downward spiral” began. The outspoken TV personality shares favorites from his formative years and more as part of his Guest DJ set. Anthony is the host of the TV show No Reservations on the Travel Channel and a bestselling author. His latest book is Medium Raw.


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  4. The Fake Memoir-a trend that never seems to go away, interview with Motoko Rich, NYT

    From http://jeurling.org/?p=39

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